Cardinal Sarah: ‘Nobody can prevent a priest from confessing and giving communion’

In recent years, there has been concern that a clear attack on the Eucharist is taking place: first there was the question of the divorced and remarried, under the banner of “communion for all”; then intercommunion with Protestants; then the proposals on making the Eucharist available in the Amazon and in the regions with a shortage of clergy, now the Masses at the time of the coronavirus …

It should not surprise us. The devil strongly attacks the Eucharist because it is the heart of the life of the Church. But I believe, as I have already written in my books, that the heart of the problem is the crisis of faith in the priesthood. If priests are aware of what the Mass is and what the Eucharist is, certain ways of celebrating or certain hypotheses about Communion would not even come to mind. Jesus cannot be treated like this.

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I’m glad that Cdl Sarah has put to rest the idea of “communion at any cost”. We wait in hope and prayer the Holy Spirit will give us the answers.


Medical doctors are seeing patients throughout this pandemic. It makes no sense to me that Catholics can’t visit and be received by The Greatest Doctor. It makes no sense to me that widespread simple arrangements have not been made/adjusted for the continued and consistent need. I am afraid that this omission is a serious sign of an unhealthy imbalance.

Yet Jesus gave communion to Judas knowing that he would gravely sin against him.

It becomes a matter of What Would Jesus Do?

In my honest opinion I doubt Jesus would deny. Maybe the God of the Old Testament, but definitely not Jesus.

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