Cardinal Sarah's intentions


“I will untiringly denounce those who are unfaithful to the promise of their ordination. In order to make themselves known or to impose their personal views, both on the theological and the pastoral level, they speak again and again. These clerics repeat the same banal things. I could not affirm that God dwells within them,” he wrote.

Sarah wrote that “Bishops that scatter the sheep that Jesus has entrusted to them will be judged mercilessly and severely by God.”

“Who shall stand up today for God? Who shall dare to confront the modern persecutors of the Church? Who shall have the courage to arise, armed only with the rosary and the Sacred Heart, to face the columns of death of our times, as are relativism, indifferentism and the contempt of God? Who shall tell this world that the only liberty worth dying for is the liberty to believe?” he said.

Praying for this Cardinal.

O Mary concieved without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee.


This guy stared down dictators. I don’t think he’s too worried about some liberals.


Lite Site News is the Fox News of Catholicism.


Yes but its needed.


Not if it reports with hyberbole.

The contemporary world is already polarized enough.

Simply the title of the article in of itself is a polemic/melodramatization. It is designed to stir people up, not to transmit reliable information.


Eh, I think we could do without the overdramatic pot stirring.

I heard a long discussion of the Mass by Cardinal Sarah on WAOB radio and it was very edifying. I like Pope Francis too. They are both smart, holy guys who happen to have different opinions on some things. Do we need to have it reported like they are brawling in the Vatican halls? You know that’s not what is going on.


I think ppl should look at his message past the articles title.


This is not an accurate description that is not fair to Fox News. Fox News has their share of liberals, esp during the day on their pure news programs. Their prime time commentary programs are obviously right leaning, but Fox News’ day and weekend programming does not lack liberal voices (Shepard Smith Reporting for example is left leaning, as the host Shepard Smith is a liberal)

Now if you said that Life Site News is like the Breitbart, that would be a more accurate description.

Now, in defense of Life Site News, their abortion & pro life stories are pretty good. But their Catholic (non abortion related) news often has an agenda.

In regards to Cardinal Sarah, I believe him to be a very holy man, who would make a great Pope, if given the opportunity. I was lucky enough to hear him speak in person once. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the article.Most definitely praying


I’d say this would also apply – to those who lead the flock in the wrong direction – by calling the OF evil and/or inferior/less Catholic/protestant/etc.etc. etc. as compared to the EF.


There are legitimate concerns about the Vatican right now.

The pope kicking bishops out simply because they asked questions or asked him to
clarify confusing speeches is highly disturbing. Why would such a thing happen?
Many other bishops spoke about being scared of the pope’s actions.

Those of us who kept an eye on Catholic prophecies know what is coming:
An eventual split between the false church, and the true Church.

The more time pass, the more it seems that the Vatican have been infiltrated by liberals and heretics,
who twist God’s teaching to accept sinful ideologies such as married priests, gay priests, gay marriage,
and permissive behaviours like communion for adulterers (or anyone guilty of mortal sins)… etc.
I have SEEN these changes in my own country… and you probably did too.


This is what Cardinal have in mind:
The preservation of our Church’s identity, of our true faith.
We must indeed pray, so all obstacles may be pushed aside.
For those who want to embrace these new ideologies… there are enough protestant denominations for that.


I like Cardinal Sarah a LOT! I think he is a very Holy devout Catholic who deeply cares about the Catholic Church NOT his own agenda.

And JMHO I would like very much to see him as our next Pope.


I would have gone with Breitbart. They strike me as rather hostile to the Catholic Church in an attempt to divide it. They are no longer about Life( as this article is not a life issue), have more commentary than news, but are a web site.


I agree! Much prayers are needed for Cardinal Sarah.


Married priests is NOT a sinful ideology. There is nothing sinful about it. It is a discipline of the Church and could be changed at any time although it’s been a tradition for hundreds of years. I am not in favor of it; I am just pointing out a misconception.

Agreed and for all others who are upholding our true faith come what may.


Interestingly enough, I often find many trying to defend and protect the “true church” while in fact building the false church and promoting the division.


What in the world are you talking about? This never happened. If you are going to help Satan slander the faithful, at least try and be accurate.

Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: "Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Messiah. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down. - Rev. 12:10


I scrupulously avoid the hysteria of lifesitenews.


I corrected: It was actually 791,000 Catholics (including 8 cardinals, over 200 bishops, and numerous priests, religious, and lay faithful representing 62 pro-family organizations). This happened in 2015.

I confused this 60+ number because of this: . They were in fact Catholic clergy members and scholars, backed by Cardinal Burke.

This is not the part I referred to. I was talking about the “False prophet who looked like a lamb but talked like a dragon.” (this alone isn’t enough to expose a last false church still hidden inside ours, but see the following)

Our Catholic Catechism confirms, saying:
Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers… in the form of a religious deception which will be one of apostasy. (CCC 675)

Lady of La Salette’s prophecy on the end of time:
“Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist… all the universe will be struck with terror, and many will let themselves be misled.”

Our Lady reportedly said to Fr Gobbi:
“The Church will know the hour of its great apostasy. The man of iniquity will penetrate into its interior and will sit in the very Temple of God, while the remnant which will remain faithful will be subjected to the greatest trials and persecutions. The apostasy will be, as of then, generalized because almost all will follow the false christ and the false church. Then the door will be open for the appearance of the man or of the very person of the Antichrist!”

If you guys can’t see what is happening… it means you don’t want to see.
Nobody should leave the Catholic Church, but if Rome starts preaching that you should accept gay unions, commune in state of deadly sins, or other heresies of the sort, you better hold to the current Catechism. Period. Otherwise, you’ll be part of “…the many who let themselves mislead”

God Bless

PS: Do not ignore what comes out of LifeSiteNews, or Church Militant… even though they may sound harsh, they stick to the core fundamental identity of the Catholic Church, doctrines, traditions and Catechism. They are your brothers and sisters, and you better remember that.


I could say the exact same thing about you. In fact, I even have evidence, as noted by your misrepresentation, not once, but twice of this petition. Here is a link to the signatories.

And for those who do not understand the internet yet, clicking petitions is not an accurate way to count.

I will keep my own council on this. I find quite the opposite to be true, which is why neither is an apostolate of the Catholic Church. LSN has been harsh and antagonistic to the Catholic Church. Church Militant has rejected episcopal oversight in favor of shock radio. Both have neglected the most fundamental aspect of Catholicism which is adherence to the papacy and engaged in rash judgment and calmuny. I have a lot or respect for Cardinal Burke, but elevating him to a de facto pope is modernism, not Catholicism. We do not engage in “pick your own favorite”, or “not my pope” mentality.

Your use of Revelation in this matter is classic begging the question and more suitable to Protestant proof-texting.

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