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This link you sent leads to the original 62+ petition, which now reached 250 names?
This one was made public September 24th, 2017. (beforehand, it was private)

Here’s the one I referred to in the first line: (From 2015)

So much for an evidence, please be more careful next time.

Know that I will always follow the pope, but the real pope won’t preach or encourage heresies on his own.
If he DOES preach them on his own, you’d better listen to our Lady’s warning (which is also supported by Malachy’s prophecy of the popes). Ignoring the reality of inside attacks on the Church would be one of the worst thing a Catholic could do.


This is so wrought with error I scarcely know where to begin.

First, it is a blog site, not a Catholic site. The blogger is anonymous. So your information is an anonymous source by a biased blogger on the internet, who states, “A Filial Appeal signed by 790, 190 Catholics, including 201 cardinals…”

The link is the internet petition. I can’t say this enough. Do not believe everything on the internet. When I saw that one commercial where the guy said they couldn’t put it on the internet if it wasn’t true, I thought it was hilarious that someone could be so stupid. Every day I am proven it was all too prophetic.

The link reports this petition as 35,361 petitions world wide, not 790,190.

The petition has nothing to do with Amoris Laetitia, but was in response to the first draft of the first synod documents.

There is no verification of a single person who signed it.

The petition is not only about upholding the doctrine of the Church but also says, “…and to Her uninterrupted discipline, as received from the Apostles.” A faithful Catholic must accept changes in discipline, or he is not a faithful Catholic.

The only thing I have learned from this is that this onepeterfive place is one more that is not to be trusted. We must listen to God, who speaks through His word and through His body on Church. Listening to bloggers and conspiracy weavers and allowing them to shout down what God has established on Earth is just setting up of false idols to serve as our gods.


Yet this is precisely what many are doing: some out of a misguided fear of perceived disobedience, others because they are actually in favor of what is happening. In this forum, you will largely find the former. These are Catholics who have adopted a degree of ultramontanism never before seen in the history of the Church. Their position is untenable. The same people who called out santo subito for JPII now stand by and watch one of his successors contradict him and relegate his magisterium to the dustbin. Their Catholicism is rooted in the “personality” of whoever sits the Chair of Peter. How do they address this glaring contradiction? We see it every day. They pretend everything is just fine. They ignore or explain away every troubling statement or document issued by Pope Francis. They cling desperately to anything he says that sounds remotely Catholic. Simultaneously, they lash out against anyone who would dare question the Pope’s agenda. This is not Catholic. This is blind obedience. Communion for adulterers is a litmus test. Are Catholics to adhere to Amoris Laetitia or to the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the perennial teachings of the Church? That this question even has to be asked is a commentary on the sad state of affairs.



Then, do you trust what the National Catholic Register (ewtn linked) has to say? Don’t you know who Edward Pentin is?

Also, on the petition page, try and drag the “worldwide signature” numbers; they are images, therefore haven’t been updated in a long while. (A part of my profession is web design, I work with this sort of thing all the time).

I don’t know what to say to convince you that this is serious.
If you keep denying, you obviously never bothered taking the pulse of Rome, or listened to the plea for help of so many Cardinals and bishops. Countless faithful and I did just that, and are aware of something you don’t want to even CONSIDER.

Answer me this: Do you believe in Mary’s apparition? Do you trust what she told us?



At least some people are awaked here.



I have no idea who he is. Like I said, I get most of my information about Catholicism from the Catholic Church. I note that EWTN also links to a site with fewer signatures. In any case, this petition was for the first synod to clarify something in the second synod.

Yes, I believe in Mary and trust the Church when it is said that a private revelation is worthwhile to the faithful. I am not a futurist and don’t go around chasing Armageddon. I have seen Scripture used by too many people to say that it is some sign of the end; Tim LaHaye and Hal Lindsey, to whole denominations like the Jehovah Witnesses and Mary Eddie Baker. Replacing some private revelation with Sacred Scripture as the source of such claims creates more confusion, not less.


This is just a bloated straw man. No one is saying anything like this. I have said several times here that if one does not agree with what the Pope is saying, then out of conscience they should refrain from communion. There is no need for blind obedience. I would be happy just to see basic charity we should grant all granted the Holy Father so that rash judgment is avoided. This is no cult of personality, not unless all of Christianity is a cult of personality.

And yes, I do ignore what is being called attacks, whether they are real or wacky theories of conspiracy. I will never know and have no way of knowing. It is enough that I act on that which I know of the faith. And this I know; test the fruit of the spirit by looking for fruit, which is:


In absent of these things, I will not see the Holy Spirit working.


I am awake. Not everyone who doesn’t believe you and your opinion is blind, asleep, stupid, wrong or whatever you want to think of them. Some may even be more alert, intelligent or right than you. You cannot know. But please, recognize that if you judge others by your opinions, then you elevate your opinion to a level of Truth it should not have. It is a bad habit we need to leave behind in our youth.


If you want more information about Edward Pentin, here’s the exposé he gave the The Remnant (a Catholic newspaper). The guy have been the official Catholic News Register liaison journalist, and worked as a correspondent at the Vatican for about 15 years.

Listen very carefully, as he also explains why you don’t know about the crisis.

Remember, we’re both of the same faith here…
There are just things you aren’t aware of yet, therefore, your opinion is simply incomplete.


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