Cardinal Sarah's Recent Comments on "Ad Orientem"

A storm’s a-brewin’! Maybe…

Catholics (including myself) have recently been either encouraged or alarmed by His Eminence Cardinal Robert Sarah’s recent comments that priests and bishops all over the world need to consider a return to celebrating Mass ad orientem. As I’ve read up on the situation, whether it be from liberal Catholic news outlets that despise His Eminence’s views, or from enthused clerics, a discussion is in its infancy. One news article remarked that, despite the swift denunciation of fellow cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, as well as a more-or-less slap on the wrist by our Holy Father Pope Francis, Cardinal Sarah’s imploration has been heard by a great many, the writer thinks.

Anyway, besides wanting to hear all your opinions on the matter, there is a question tied to this, which is: There has been much incertitude stirred up after the cardinal’s comments as to the actual historical and/or archaeological support for saying Mass versus populum; are these incertitudes warranted? and, if they are, then why did many of the Vatican II fathers insist on versus populum?

I’ve read excerpts from then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s book The Spirit of the Liturgy, from an online source. I’d say his reasoning and justification in advocating for exclusive use of the ad orientem posture is very solid.

In saying all this, I submit myself completely to the magisterium of the Church, no matter what.


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