Cardinal speaks of "welcoming" while avoiding appearance of "approval" of sin

From Cardinal Napier :

“In regard to homosexuality, there was a noted need for welcoming with the right degree of prudence , so as not to create the impression of a positive valuation of that orientation…it was hoped that the same care would be taken in regard to cohabitation.”

In your opinion, what would be “the right degree of prudence”, and how would this play out in action? What type of words/actions do you think would be welcoming, while at the same time safeguarding the Christian life and truth in regard to these matters? And thirdly, have you witnessed ecclesiastical shortcomings in these matters in your area?

My take on this is that there must be a huge variation in ecclesiastical behavior/reactions across the globe in these matters, as it has never been a problem in my own area. The parishes in my area are almost poster children for the “All are welcome” attitude, so it’s hard for me to understand what’s going on at the synod, and why.


I think in an ideal world, pastors or some other spiritual director would have regular meetings with the couples in question in order to guide them in a life of living as ‘siblings’, i.e., no sexual immorality. I’m also wondering if the duty of the laity is to assume the best about these couples, and leave their struggles between them and their confessors. If anyone finds an error in this train of thought, please respond with the knowledge that I’m not looking to start an argument, just thinking out loud.


Sounds good to me!

My next question is how would they even be identified for such counseling, unless they introduced themselves as such to the priest.

It seems that there could also be other venues than Mass for them to strengthen their spiritual lives and gradually be drawn by the Lord to live the Christian life in its fullness. Unfortunately, at least in my area, there are very few things like this anymore (novenas, Exposition and Benediction, special times for Adoration, etc.).

There is always that one incredibly nosy person at church. People start asking questions when a young man has never been seen on a date with a woman or a young woman with a man if they aren’t ugly. People trying to set them with their single family members. Often even if not behaving like couples they set off vibes you get from couples. Some people just set off the gaydar. People get nosy when two unrelated women or men always show up together especially if one of them is “obviously” LGBT.

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