Cardinal speaks to KRDO NewsChannel 13 on latest Clinton emails


One of the nation’s prominent Catholic cardinals says Hillary Clinton needs to distance herself from her campaign’s top advisors after they disparaged the faith in leaked emails.

KRDO NewsChannel 13’s Heather Skold had the chance to speak with Cardinal Timothy Dolan as he spoke at the “Respect Life Dinner.”

“WikiLeaks” released another round of emails in which Clinton campaign leaders made fun of the faith.


Not sure how she would distance herself from the email comments. There is no indication that she disagrees with anything said. If she spoke against them she’d simply suffer the wrath of Democratic party loyalist that certainly agree with the comments and ideas expressed in the emails. Heck, many professed Catholics agree so Secretary Clinton would likely do more harm than good by speaking out against it. Mollifying the “enemy” does nothing if it caused your core supporters to reject you.

Make no mistake, the Democrats are not friends of religious people. At best they find us mildly annoying or perhaps might call us amusing in a snide way. They certainly would not shed a tear if our midevel, backwardness was wiped from the planet.


The Cardinal seems to be saying that their are two separate entities, Hillary Clinton and the Hillary Clinton for President campaign, which apparently don’t know what each are doing.

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