Cardinal Stepinac

Are there any good books from the catholic perspective on Cardinal Stepinac and the historical controversies surrounding him, catholic clergy involvement with the Ustaše, and all of the events that happened in croatia?

I’m looking for something similar to Ronald Rychlak’s defense of Pope Pius XII is his book, hitler, the war, and the pope.


No, but here is a good report from the Catholic League, .


I’m glad someone’s interested in our blessed Cardinal, soon-to-be-saint, whose feast day we celebrate today, February 10th. :slight_smile:
Here an incomplete list of books about him. I’m not sure how many of them you’ll be able to actually get to…

As for non-Catholic perspective, a book has been recently published about Jews in IS of Croatia, by a Jewish author Ester Githman, which deals with the whole situation at the time, not only cardinal Stepinac.
There is also a paper written by her.

Fantastic, thanks!

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