Cardinal to lead St. Pat parade with 1st gay group

Cardinal Timothy Dolan will be Grand Marshall of New York St. Patty’s day parade which will include the first gay group to march under it’s own banner. I get a mix feel of this. I’ve seen the San Francisco Gay Parade and it’s not always child friendly.:eek::hypno:

A mistake, IMHO.

I’ll give the Cardinal the benefit of the doubt.
He’s trying to take back the parade…and he’s also trying to teach people who THINK they know the Church’s position to inquire as to what the church really teaches on SSA.
that the Church does not hate.
Hopefully it will turn out well.
St. Patrick, pray for us!

I seriously doubt the gays will respect the Spiritual roots of the parade and the reverence of the Saint, and instead will broadcast and flaunt their aberrant sexuality. Wait and see I guess. One does not have to give in to someone to love them. We don’t give our kids icecream for ever meal even if they cry for it.

But he has to try, doesn’t he?
So do we all.
Education is the key.
If they refuse, as you suspect, it won’t be because Catholics don’t care to correct, in charity.
I’ll pray for a good outcome.

Some GLBTQ folks do try and follow Catholic teaching, and it’s really important to recognize that and give them credit for choosing to bear their cross.

There is a thread already discussing this in World News

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