Cardinal Wuerl added to Congregation for Bishops, replacing Cardinal Burke [CC]

Pope Francis has named Washington’s Cardinal Donald Wuerl to the Congregation for Bishops, while declining to extend the tenure of Cardinal Raymond Burke on that influential body.The …


I am puzzled as to why it takes so long to appoint a new bishop. Our diocese, Harrisburg, has been without a bishop for several months.

Awesome! That guy’s my archbishop!

I remember a story my CCD teacher told me about the man, when he was created cardinal:

When asked about the advantages and privileges of his new position, he replied (something along the lines of), “Well, I get to wear a cooler hat.” :stuck_out_tongue:

The Pope’s decision not to confirm Cardinal Burke as a member of the Congregation that helps choose the world’s bishops has been interpreted by many Vatican-watchers as a policy shift. Cardinal Burke has regularly championed conservative positions in Church debates, while Cardinal Wuerl represents positions closer to the mainstream of the American hierarchy.

I doubt there is any shorter method that is more responsible ultimately.

Did Pope Francis expound on his motives? Reading this news from other sources, the media is telling me that our pope is doing this because Burke was more conservative, Wuerl is more liberal- is this true?

Probably not.

Meaning no disrespect to Burke however to your question.

All of the hierarchy is less conservative than Burke- except maybe Bruskewitz.

I like Wuerl- solid choice.

Also the Holy Father- no Pope needs to give reasons for the decisions he makes.

I am watching to see what happens. This tugged at my interests.

Given that the retirement age of 75 is clearly a known date, one would think that the vetting process for a successor could be undertaken in a more timely, planned, and responsible manner. From what I’ve seen the norm appears to be that a bishop has to spend an extra year in office, with his successor not named until after his 76th birthday.

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But here is an NCRegister article that is more detailed.

Could it be the refusal to give communion to Kerry a while back? No matter how many say the pope does not have to give an answer…he will one day have to do such.

Although I consider myself politically conservative, I would rather think in terms of orthodoxy rather than conservativeness when it comes to Holy Mother Church. Nothing that Burke has said or done is in disagreement with her teachings or the traditions within her. The Cure of Ars, the patron of priests, makes Burke look like he barely toes the line. Many of the outstanding leaders and saints were uber-orthodox.

Does the Pope “owe” any explanations? Not legally/technically, but out of a sense of love and responsibility as our father he does. In this case, I am not one who thinks that this is a case of ‘get rid of the conservative’ but could have occurred for any number of reasons.

Thank you for the link! This explains away my concerns!

If the Holy Father lacked confidence in Cardinal Burke, he would not be on so many congregations or the head of the Signatura.

Ok, so does Cardinal Wuerle get moved to Rome permanantly?

No. Burke lived in his home diocese (As far as I am aware). After all, how are you supposed to know which priest to appoint to Bishop if you’re halfway across the world?

Thanks for the link.

Bishop Wuerl liberal. Bishop Burke conservative. It is difficult not to speculate as to a political motive for this. Bishop Burke was outspoken on Catholic politicians and abortion. Some are saying that politics has nothing to do with this. However, the Pope had to be aware of that angle as well as the situation in the US. :hmmm:


Is it always necessary to look for a political or a hidden motive behind everything that our Church does? At what point do we cease to be Catholic?

Part of being a member of a family is not just biology and adoption. The most important part of being a member of a family is love and trust. If there is an absence of love and trust, if family members always suspect that other members have some scheme up their sleeves or if family members knowing that every human being is different can’t apply this same rule to their own and allow them be different, how does such a unit constitute a family?

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