Cardinal Wuerl to meet with Pope Francis to discuss resignation

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Not surprised. The successor to McCarrick needs to be squeaky clean. The PA grand jury report did Wuerl in.

How do you find a squeaky clean bishop when it is claimed no one knew about McCarricks lifetime of homosexual sex, particularly with seminarians? McCarrick was apparently influential in the Vatican. I’d say it is impossible to find someone clean right now. So to me honestly Wuerl is just as good as anyone for now.

The issue is not what Wuerl knew about McCarrick, the issue is that Wuerl was previously in charge of a different diocese where he has been accused of, many years ago, not removing abusers from active ministry, or not removing them quickly enough.

It should be relatively easy to find a replacement, perhaps a younger man, who isn’t featured in some grand jury report for being soft on child sexual abusers.

It’s true that the PA grand jury report was a bit of a hatchet job on Wuerl because at some point he saw the light and later went all the way to the Vatican to insist that an abuser in his diocese not be returned to active ministry, but of course the report features the negative things he did, not the positive things.

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Right, but for me the issue isn’t Wuerl so much as the environment that allowed McCarrick to exist and prosper in the last twenty years. That is the environment that chooses the next bishop.

Can’t happen soon enough.

I wish Pope Francis had scheduled the Summit sooner than February.

All bishops, unfortunately, have the built in problem of taking over whatever mistakes their predecessor had committed.

In Lincoln, NE the current bishop is taking a beating for abuse that occurred under the previous bishop, the only one in the entire country who wouldn’t sign the Charter for the Protection of Young People. Now the current bishop has a nightmare on his hands.

And now Cardinal diNardo is accused of failing to address a report of abuse, and / or sheltering the accused (now arrested) priest.

It’s just like that novel “All the King’s Men.” You can get something on anybody if you try hard enough. I personally don’t find it productive, and the more the media goes on witch hunts for coverups, the stronger I’ll support the Church. It shows what an important and strong institution the Church is that they try so hard to get dirty laundry on it.
Sure am glad I never had to pursue my fallback plan of becoming a “journalist”.


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