Cardinals ask all Catholics to join in prayer for conclave [CWN]

The College of Cardinals will gather in St. Peter’s basilica at 5 pm on Wednesday to pray for the success of their coming conclave, and have asked the Catholic faithful throughout the …


I will pray.

EWTN will rebroadcast this event tonight. I was fortunate to be able catch the live feed and I must admit that actively participating with the Cardinals during Vespers and Eucharistic Adoration made me feel like I was intimately involved in something very profound.

Also , it was great to see so many nuns and monks filling the pews behind the Cardinals in St. Peter’s Basilica. The sense of holiness and tradition was quite palpable. One could almost smell the incense wafting out of the television set.

EWTN does great work covering these events , although I wish Raymond Arroyo would allow the moment to speak for itself more often ; he has a tendency to become long-winded , at times. No offense , Ray.

rosary now

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