Cardinals call on Pope to save Latin from last rites

Cardinals call on Pope to save Latin from last rites
By Martin Penner
Church needs lessons to revive its international language
*O TEMPORA, o mores! *The rolling thunder that is the Latin language is in such trouble, even in its last redoubt, the heirarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, that cardinals and bishops have begged Pope Benedict XVI to put it on a life support machine.

When Cardinal Angelo Scola, the Patriarch of Venice, opened the synod, he gave his address entirely in Latin, sending many of the 241 participants rushing for headsets to hear a translation. Nothing could have better illustrated the Church’s fading proficiency in its own language.

One of the synod’s 50 “propositions” to the Pope is that the language should feature prominently in Masses at major international events, where Catholics speaking many different languages are present.

It is expected to appeal to the Pope, who in June invited Catholics to pray in Latin whenever possible, emphasising its universal dimension. “Latin makes it easier for Christians from different countries to pray together, especially when they meet for special occasions,” he said .,13509-1840165,00.html







The pastor of my Church regularly tackles books in Latin, but has had difficulty finding people to hold conversations with in Latin.

He’s been having some difficulties with the TAC uniting with Rome.

Maybe getting to teach Latin to recalcitrant Cardinals might win him over… (When all else fails, appeal to wounded anglican-orthodox pride!)

There are a couple of long stories there - one has been thoroughly posted and digested, but one is the human interest substory that hasn’t been told…

You and tee_eff_em just might have helped me find a way to win over one of the Canons in this diocese who was becoming a stumbling block to the Union between Rome and the TAC.

I thank you for finding that, although I’m quite sorry that the Church that preserved Latin as a universal language no longer sees the need to use a universal language.

God find on the article. I’m sorry for the discomfort - Hopefully, with Pope Benedict XVI, the situation will begin to change.

In Christ, Michael

The text of the proposition:


“In celebrating the Eucharist during international meetings, which are becoming ever more frequent today, in order better to express the unity and universality of the Church it is proposed: that the (con)celebration of Mass be in Latin (except the readings, the homily and the prayer of the faithful), the prayers of the tradition of the Church should also be recited in Latin and, where appropriate, Gregorian chants be sung; that priests, beginning in the seminary, be trained to understand and celebrate Mass in Latin, as well as to use Latin prayers and to appreciate the Gregorian chant; that the possibility of educating the faithful in this way not be overlooked.”


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