Care to join a group making an Ignatian retreat in daily life?


Creighton University has an online website for making a retreat in daily life that draws on Ignatian spirituality.

I would like to do this retreat with the liturgical year, starting in September (around the 17th, TBC). It seems well suited to people who would like to go deeper in their prayer life, but are unable to join a full time 30 day Ignatian retreat. The website suggests forming a group of people to do this together - Is anyone interested in joining such a group?

The idea is simple: we share motivation and inspiration on our spiritual journey. Pray and use the resources on the website as suits you. As a group, once a week we (for example) share things we are grateful for, encouragement, ask questions, etc. There is no need to exchange private experiences or information (it will be a private group, but keep in mind it is still online). The start date is ~8 weeks away, but I wanted to allow some weeks to collect people in the group and get used to communicating in this format.

If you would like to join, send a reply or PM and if there is interest I´ll set up a group.
My motivation? I´ve tried and failed to do this on my own in the past and I´m hoping that by forming a group we´ll all get a motivational and inspired boost!

Edit: Here is the Creighton University website invitation to make the retreat:
I´ll send a link to the group website once I get it set-up.


Thanks to people who have responded by PM, this group is going to happen! I´ve set up a google group for those interested.

Here are answers to some questions I´m getting -

The retreat information is all on the Creighton website (link in the original post) - so everyone can access this for free (they don´t require registration or anything).

Joining the group:

  • Anyone can be part of the group - it doesn´t matter what country/time zone you are in as the sharing is online and text based. Also, as a group we can decide how best to share with each other and adapt as we go along.

If you would like to join, please make a request from this link:!forum/ignatian-retreat

The group will work something like this:

  1. Each week from about mid-September I´ll post a link to that week´s materials on the Creighton website.
  2. Each person is invited to share something from their experience (guidelines to be agreed with the group)
  3. Write responses to others - provide encouragement, ask questions, show we´re listening to each other.


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