Care workers guilty of taping 89-year-old dementia sufferer's mouth up to stop him shouting

[quote=Daily Mail]Two care workers who covered a dementia sufferer’s mouth with sticky tape to keep him quiet were convicted of assault yesterday.
Derek Maynard, 89, had a three-inch piece of Sellotape placed over his mouth because he had made a fuss about wanting to go to bed.
It was removed only when he remained quiet to appease the two workers.

A court heard that Mr Maynard had been sitting in the lounge of the dementia ward of an NHS community hospital when he began shouting that he wanted to go to bed.
Carers Abel Romel Bellary, 58, and Josephine Apalisok, 46, then ordered him to lie on the floor if he wanted to sleep.
When the confused pensioner obediently slid to the floor, Bellary and Apalisok fell about laughing.
Two colleagues then saw what was happening and placed Mr Maynard back in his chair.

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