Career Advice


I just got laid off earlier today and was wondering if anybody has any good career advice? Prior Military medic / BA / with over 5 years of sales experience. Not sure if I like sales that much. I would love a job that has good morals, ethics, and somewhat flexible (like sales). I may be asking too much? My mom always told me to be careful what I wish for… Anyways, if any of you guys have any good job hunting stories or saints that might help intercede for me - please let me know.



Sean, given your training as a military medic, does getting into nursing or some other aspect of the medical world appeal to you? There’s certainly a variety of technical areas that you might find interesting within medicine, although it would involve more schooling for you. St. Joseph is always a good patron for those seeking employment or a career change.


Hmm. Maybe this is why I felt compelled to check out the Federal Air Marshall booth at Union Station today…

Anyway, they’re hiring right now for positions in a few major cities. Do a google search for Federal Air Marshall Jobs and you’ll be able to find it quickly enough…


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