career choice

Hello everyone,

I just graduated from the University of Central Florida with criminal justice. I want to get a master now. I’ve been in security for 2.5 years. I want to become a teacher if history but everyone says they don’t get paid any money. But for that there is not much that pays more in criminal justice. Any thoughts?

Why are you worried about what eveyone says? Public school district’s payscales are public knowlege. You can look them up on the school district’s website and see for yourself if the salary is to your liking. On average, most public school teachers get paid the lower end of a living wage. In some states, they get paid the higher end of a living wage. Administrators tend to get paid as much as double or triple the pay they made as a teacher. The more education and experience a teacher gets, the more they tend to be paid. They also tend to have a benefits package that range from better than most places (Completely includes all life and medical for the employee, dental and vision out of pocket) to outright excessive (Completely covers everything for the employee, the spouse, up to 8 children) I would avoid taking out any student loans for your master’s degree. If you want to teach, find out what credits are needed in addition to what you have to become a certified teacher. Once you are hired, work a year or two to see if you like it. Often the school will provide reimbursement for masters work.

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