Career discernment - non-religious vocation


I know that a common view of vocation by traditional Catholic thought expresses it as a choice or rather, a call to Holy Orders, Married or Single life… and I find that disconcerting because, generally speaking, most of the literature I have acquired on the topic does not seem to cover “careers” in the sense of mechanic vs. business person vs. teacher… etc…

The point is and I am hoping that someone can shed some light to this topic, is that, we all have skills, gifts and talents that God gives us and from my humble understanding, these talents are to be used to bring the Word of God to the world and probably a subheading, I would imagine, might include, feed ourselves, others, our families, etc.

Although everything comes from God, it is up to us to make things happen… at least, that is how I understand this.

I have learned, to an extent what my gifts and talents are, however, I have not gotten to the point where I have discerned how God wants me to use them.

My challenge is that, I pretty much feel just like following my intuition and my desires where my “career path” might carry me. I’m single, fairly educated and at a point where I want to move forward with my life (professionally speaking, of course). I feel like I am drawn towards a career path that would challenge me and bring some personal fulfillment (achievement oriented, due to the challenge of the work while allowing me to use my gifts and talents).

At this point in time, I have no reason to think that anything I do utilizing my gifts will draw me away from God, but I guess I’m afraid of feeling guilty for actually enjoying what I do. How neurotic is this?


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