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I am thinking about pursuing a career in video production, or more specifically video editing. I have graduated High School with a GPA of 3.401. I have looked into different careers here and there but I never really got set on anything. But just a year ago I started making random YouTube videos for the fun of it and I started to realizing how much I enjoyed making videos. Being that I am 21 and I am simply working a minimum wage job for the last two years, I am starting to feel the need to make a decision on what I am going to do for a living if God does not have a different vocation for me. So I am sort of setting myself towards becoming a video editor. I guess the only question I have left to answer is why not?

But while researching on how to get into the industry, besides the schooling involved, I am hearing from multiply sources that you have to be outgoing and make friends with people who are already involved in the industry. With this they also stress the need to do whatever these friends in “higher places” tell you concerning what job to do and what to work on. Now as a Catholic man I know we Catholics are not good at making friends (being counterculture), and I can only imagine the projects I might fall into if I should commit to a career path such as this.

Case in point, I was offered the opportunity, if you will, to make a music video for an amateur rapper at the place I work. Now according to what I read and heard I should have jumped all over that opportunity to get some real video production experience. And even though the person offering me this opportunity told me that the rapper he knows isn’t down right dirty concerning his lyrics, I had the feeling they weren’t going to be moral regardless. Needless to say I stuttered and told him “I don’t know.” and the chance passed.

So my question is what should a Catholic do if he wants to enter into this field? I mean I am not asking for a completely safe route (I know that does not exist for any career path) but to go about it the safest way possible. Thanks! :smiley:


go on a project basis, if something makesyou uncomfortable, then don’t do it. I’m sure there are lots of good videos to be made though.

you could also try talking to a priest about this if you haven’t already


If you are interested in religious life as well as in working in a video mission that is Catholic, inspiring & designed to uplift our troubled society, I suggest you contact;

Vocation Directress
Daughters of St. Paul
50 St.Paul’s Avenue
Boston, MA 02130


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