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Hey everyone,

I hope you’re have a blessed day. So I’m currently studying Film but recent events have lead me to realize how shallow it can be and that I’ve had a deeper passion all this time to help people and preach the Gospel. It’s what I love more than anything else. I saw a man on my university campus who’s in Youth/Campus Ministry and he is able to talk to students and help them, while also being able to teach them and help them grow in the faith. The question is: how do I get a job doing that?

I’m looking for any information on the following:

  1. What jobs are there for me?
  2. Where do I find these jobs?
  3. Can these support a traditional Catholic big family? I’m a big family man and I’m excited to have my own one day.

Please respond if you know anything. Thank you so much, God bless!

(Please pray for me also)

  • Christopher


I would start as simply as possible, and speak with the youth minister at your parish. Don’t diss Film. We need holy filmmakers!

Also, speak with the vocations director of your diocese. What you’ve outlined can also be applied to the priesthood.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican

  1. Youth minister for a parish, FOCUS missionary, working for a diocese (there are a variety of these jobs where you may or may not be directly interacting with people to evangelize, depends on the position).

  2. Parishes, dioceses, Catholic college campus ministries, schools

  3. It would be hard if your family would only be living off of your salary alone without your wife working full time as well. As rewarding as ministry jobs are, they’re not to be gone into with the intention of getting rich or even making a “decent” salary. They make less than the average American for sure. And as a FOCUS missionary, from my understanding, you don’t earn a salary, you have to raise your own money by asking people you know to donate money to provide for yourself during the time you commit to being a missionary on college campuses. And being a FOCUS missionary is only a temporary thing, it’s not meant to be a long-term career.

For the record, I’ve never worked in ministry positions. But I’ve had many friends who worked in Catholic ministry work you’re interested in, so that’s how I know all this.

God bless you in whatever path you decide to take!


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