Right now I am in school taking Automotive Collision Repair. And I really love it and I have been planning on taking Automotive Technology after I graduate. But one thing that keeps coming in the back of my mind is heat and a/c repair. I am not really sure why it keeps coming in my head. I have always loved cars and am enjoying what I am taking now. Could God be trying to tell me I need to take heating and a/c repair? Or should I just ignore it?

I think that God is making sure that working with cars is what you really want to do.

Pray about it. Listen to God’s voice on your knees in the silence of prayer, not
"in your head." :thumbsup:

just make sure you’ll be happy. money doesnt matter for shucks in a career. think about it 40hrs a week, for 50-52weeks a year for 30-50years. make sure you love what you do.

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