Caring for children while sick

Any good suggestions for caring for toddlers to 5 year olds while ill? I’ve had a bad cough for over a week and low energy. I get a little help from family but am often the only one available to care for grandchildren all day.

You are truly a saint. There is nothing wrong with keeping it simple, order a pizza or make PBJ to feed them, color books and crayons and Netflix to entertain them.


Bath time will be a challenge. You may need someone to help you with that one. The rest you can do indoor activities like reading and relaxation with music.

Toddlers don’t need to be bath or have a shower everyday.
It is possible to win this time.


PBS Kids. They have it online if it isn’t broadcast in your area. They also have great games on their website.


thanks. we spent today printing pictures to color, until the littlest decided writing on walls was more fun.

Eeep. Drawing on the walls… it’s so annoying to the grown-ups, but every child I’ve ever come in contact with has the urge to do it and usually gets away with it at one point or another. Makes me wonder about those prehistoric cave paintings. Did the artists get scolded by Mom and/or Grandma for marking up the house? :joy:

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