Carla Discerning Vocation


First i want to apologize for all the grammar and spelling errors.English is not my native language so be free to corect me.

I’m raised in beautiful catholic family with my parents and my 4 years younger sister.

In our family catholic faith has been very important part of our life.We pratice daily family prayers, Sunday masses and we have been involved in our parish.In my family vocation has been consider a blessing.I have cousins from both sides of my family who chose a religious life.Both priest and nuns.From my childhood i have been involved in my chruch activities.I have sing in choir i have atend Bible study groups and i have spend a lot of time with Christan young organazation.When i have been 6 or 7 years old i have telling everyone that i wil be nun.

Of course after i enter my teen years i have distant my self from church.I have been busy with high school boys,mobile phones and all the wonders to be teenager.Only what is lef from my faith in that point is my daily praying before bed and Sunday family mass.I have starded collage where i have been ever more distant from my faith.In all that time i have one rock of faith in my life.It is my best friend from my earliest childhood.We spend so mutch time together as i can remember.She become more of just best friend in my life.After my family this is the person with who i’m connected the most in my life.Her faith did not fade like my it become stronger.She did try to save my faith during that time in more then one ocasion.

I will continue writing what hapend in my Discerning Vocation process in next copple of days.Be free to give me sugestion or share expirence with me i will be so thankfull:)


Good for you, and all the best! :thumbsup:

(Also, don’t sweat the grammar issue - as long as your post is comprehensible, it’s fine. I’ve read posts here that are grammatically and orthographically correct, but make no sense. :p)


After morning prayer i will continue with my story.

As i told before my friends faith has been very strong.She know from beginning what is her path in life.Last year she visit me on my collage.She told me the news that she will enter the convent in several months.I have felt then so mixed emotions.I have been proud and sad at the same time and i was struck by the bravery of her vocation, and realized I needed to do something about mine life.I have realize that i love to study my collage,but that collage lifestyle made me empty and it move me from my faith and my path with Jesus.Boyfriends ,Facebook going out it move me from real me.I need to change my life.At first i have been very scared on thinking about my religious life.I give my self time to pass to be sure that my friends decision it is not only reason to consider religious life.I come beck to church group.I have attend masses more offen.I have talk with my priest first ,even before my family.I have feel joy in my heart again after long time.
At the end of last year i have realize that my feeling are geting stronger and stronger.I have decide that i need to talk with my family.One Sunday after mass i have gather then all.And tell them that i will spend this year in searching if i have true vocation.I made my mother to cry.She has been sad and so happy like every mother in that moment.She is knowing that i will give up a lot and that i will change my lifestyle
dramatically.But she is so happy about my possibly vocation.


Wishing you a Holy Spirit filled Discerning Vocation process. I’ll be praying for you.


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