Carlo Acutis Exhumed - Incorrupt or Not?

I just saw that Carlo Acutis’ body was exhumed and is on display in Assisi in preparation for his beatification. It’s being said that he is “incorrupt” (a confusing concept at the best of times). You can see his body here:

I’m just wondering if, as with the bodies of many saints that are put on public display, if the face and hands are silicone/wax masks or if that’s his natural state?

There were reports that his body was in good shape when exhumed, but I’ve not seen anything confirming the body was actually incorrupt. Also, if he were embalmed as often happens nowadays, his body might be well preserved but not considered incorrupt because he was preserved by the embalming.

I strongly suspect he has a silicone mask and hands in that photo.

Well, it looks like him. But I think the whole issue of “incorrupt” is a can of worms and not (frankly) worth putting too much faith in. I’ve seen too many supposedly “incorrupt” bodies in Rome and elsewhere that seem like grinning skeletons to me. Then there’s things like St. Jacinta’s face being incorrupt but not her body, and face corrupting soon thereafter. Just sayin’.


In Italy embalming is not a common practice like it is in USA.


Right. “Incorrupt” bodies usually don’t look that good, or they start to deteriorate after being exhumed.
Also, the main person claiming the body is “incorrupt” seems to be the boy’s mom, who understandably has some bias.

Since we don’t rely on incorruptibility to decide whether to canonize someone, it’s best if the Church downplays that aspect IMHO.

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Yeah agreed, I’m fairly certain that’s a silicone mask. This is my issue with “incorruptibility” - those with a weak faith might think the Church is trying to dupe people by putting masks on people and calling them incorruptible. Of course this is not the case, but I could see it being a stumbling block. And in our scientific, sceptical age, it really seems to me something we really shouldn’t be focusing on. But maybe that’s just me.

Does anyone know if there are any photographs or video of the actual exhumation of this young man’s body? Not trying to feed a morbid curiosity, don’t worry, just would like clearer facts on this incorruptible issue!

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Uncorrupted bodies appear mummified, that’s why they are often covered with a wax mask. Here the body of Saint Zita who died in 1272 and is displayed without any ‘cosmetic’ mask.

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So many burial conditions can cause supposed “incorruption” of any human body.
Today is the feast of St. Therese. When a fellow sister exclaimed to her that she was so saintly that she would most likely be found incorrupt after death, Therese stated she really hoped and prayed that wouldn’t be true. She rather wanted to be a saint all people can relate to, and not someone surrounded by miracles.


Just found this:

More or less answers my questions!


Yep. From the link you provided:

The rector for the Sanctuary of Spoliation in Assisi, where Acutis’ tomb is located, told EWTN that reconstruction work on Acutis’ face was necessary before the public viewing of the tomb.

A spokeswoman for Acutis’ beatification told CNA that the entire body was present, but “not incorrupt.”

The bishop explained that Acutis’ body was “reassembled with art and love.”

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I still think this is a little misleading - “reconstruction work”, “reassembled”. To the unknowledgable it sounds like there was a little bit of touching up done but that it is his own face, not a mask. But yeah I’m clear now anyway. :slight_smile:

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To be Beatified October 10th, 2020. I’m looking forward to it. In days.

There is an article on CNA which (?) states the body parts and organs were there. Work was done on his face. He was reassembled with art and love. Also, he is not wearing the clothes he was buried in.

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Not incorrupt, complete and lovingly reconstructed

Organs intact after 14 years? If true that’s incredible.

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“having all its organs” referring to his body.

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The book Carlo Acutis, un geek au paradis, from father Will Conquer, explain that june 23 2018, his body was exhumed and intact. that’s it amazing. And if not only for saints, it’s a little miracle.

the CNZ article posted by Dlee seems to explain what was done on his body after.

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I don’t know how this information can be taken, or how accurate it is, but a undertaker have said us that the people bodies are preserved for much more time now than in the past. We see it when we raise the graves.

It may be because we eat a lot of food preservatives now…

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