I can’t believe it I got booted off of CARM.

For what?

For posting something in response to an argument that the apocrypha was never in the bible from EWTN by Jimmy Akin.

I only posted three paragraphs of it and it was a valid to the argument.

It seems as if they don’t want anything that could really dispute their view of things over there.


I’ve never went to their forums but from looking at the front page where they have Roman Catholicism listed with the cults, I’d say therein lies your problem.


CARM is a false representation of Christianity. Most Protestant forum will boot Catholics if they give valid arguments that cannot be refuted.

It’s ironic that the Only Christian Forum that can tolerant other people of other faiths is Catholic Answers Forum… We have Protestants here and they have not been booted unless they break forum policy.

Most of the Protestant forum like CARM are afraid of the Truth. Who is Jesus Christ. Where do we find this Truth. Only in the Catholic Church. No one else can compete because they lack partial truth not fullness of truth.


In case you didn;t know, CARM is not very hospitable to Catholic theology. They believe that the Catholic Church is apostate, and THEY have the “true” teachings of Christ. What else is new?


The thing that bugs me is that they accuse Catholics of being knuckleheads and not reading the Bible, that we follow Rome blindly and can’t think for ourselves, and that we are demons, etc., etc., but when someone presents a logical, coherent argument, they get banned.

CARM is trying to prevent Catholics from posting the Truth.

Now who is trying to make their followers follow blindly?


I had to visit the CARM site after reading this and it is very anti Catholic. It looks like they have gone to great pains to cite scripture to refute the truth. Truth to refute Truth??? It is hard not to lose my temper when reading that kind of tripe, especially when it is offensive.


I registered on that site a few days ago. I was acutally having what I thought was a very good intellectual discussion with some Church of Christ folks (CARM has them in their “heterodox” section) until they figured out that I’m Catholic. Then all of a sudden their heads started spinning around, green soup started flying everywhere, my computer started shaking and …well…you get the picture.

By the way, are we as nasty to the Protestants here as they are to the Catholics on CARM?


No. Personal attacks of character are not tolerated by the moderators by Catholics or non-Catholics.

Sometimes it may FEEL like an attack since calling Protestants heretics or telling them they do not have the full truth is allowed.

But the difference is that if anyone attacks the personal character, they are reprimanded and if they do not desist, they are booted, Catholic and non-catholic alike. Sometimes it may be hard to see from the public posts why a person may be booted, but there can be other reasons, such as inappropriate private messages that can bring about moderator actions. Usually, there are warnings before action, unless it is a gross area of misconduct.

It does not appear to me as if Protestants are booted off sites like CARM for making personal character attacks on Catholics Christians, nor as if Catholics are given warnings for behavoir that is unacceptable. (Guess it is hard to tell people they will be kicked off if they keep telling the truth:D )

I too have the honor of being locked out of CARM. When I registered, I actually was allowed to register even though I said I was Catholic. I was in several conversations with people, I never lost my temper, and mostly tried to bring the truth through questions rather than answers. One day I went to log on, and my password was invalid. Repeated attempts to get a new one failed. I like to think I was causing too many questions that were directing people to the truth of Catholicism instead of their caricature.


Not at all. My only beef with the Catholic Answers set up is that there is not a separate forum for non-Catholic Christians. We are thrown all together under Non-Catholic Religions along with Mormans, JWs, Moslems, Hindus, Cults, etc. This is similar in some ways with CARM’s grouping of Catholics in the heterodox section of their forums.


I think that is a very fair point.


Yes, I can see why that would bother non-Catholic Christians, and has bothered me as well. Maybe if you talk to the super moderators, you could get them to at least make a subforum or new forum since Catholics would agree with you that those above are not Christian, although at least two from that group would disagree with that assessment. Which may cause a whole new set of problems:eek:

God Bless,


I think that is a very fair point.


Main stream Protestants are certainly NOT in the same boat as Mormans, Buddist, Islam,etc…

Maybe someone should put a suggestion in the CAF suggestion box :smiley:

In Christ


Doesn’t CAF have a suggestion box. I don’t think it would hurt if you would bring this up to the moderators and forum administer.

It does sound like a good idea. We have one for Eastern Christians, so I think we can make one for Non-Catholic Christians.


I made the suggestion back in October, but it was declined by the moderators for a number of reasons. (See below). I respect that decision of course and I’m not contesting it in any mannter, although I do think that it leads to unwanted comparisons with the approach also taken by CARM.


CARM is not an apologetics ministry at all.

It is glaring that CARM has Calvinist doctrinals and pushes the doctrine of John Calvin. They have conferences about atheists and cultists. One time I got an email that there was a conference in my area in Pennsylvania. I don’t remember how I got on a mailing list. I did point out in an email that they are not being an apologetics ministry defending the faith and the whole organization is therefore mislabelled. I am off the mailing list.:shrug:


In general NO, and the Mod staff here at CAF will not allow us to get that way. Thanks Be To God!

It is best to just boycott them and not go there. We have a few of their people on here…Atemi is one, and there have been others that have come and gone and some may still be here. Atemi is not anywhere near as nasty as some of those other folks over there, and for that I have to applaud him.:clapping: :clapping: :clapping: We may never agree, but so long as he continues to discuss and debate with courtesy and charity, I gotta say that he’s okay with me.

Remember please that CAF does not encourage board swarms and so I don’t think anyone should go over there and sign up and get into it with them. I certainly will not.

If any of them really want the truth about the Catholic faith then the Holy Spirit will lead them here to us, but I wouldn’t support their “ministry” by participating in their forums.

Believe me, they know where to find us.

  1. It pushes up their numbers and makes them look like something good is going on.

If you look at the numbers in various forums there, you’ll see that the 2 dedicated to our most holy faith are generally the most active. Don’t feed that.

  1. If we all stay away then they find it very boring as they run off at the mouth and none of us participate. They get to be like bratty little kids who whine because no one will play with them.

Now most of you guys all know me and I’ll pretty well scrap with anyone who knocks our most holy faith, but I will not go there. (I am registered, but ceased posting there many months back.)

Remember the words of Our Lord.
Mark 6:11: And if any place will not receive you and they refuse to hear you, when you leave, shake off the dust that is on your feet for a testimony against them.


Statement of CAF policy on calls to “Board Swarm”.

Posts/threads that include a request/suggestion for other forum readers/members to visit someone else’s forum for the purposes of apologetics debate will be deleted/edited to remove the links.

In an effort to illuminate and explain the Catholic faith, CA makes every effort to provide our participants with a pleasant and informative place on the internet where Catholics and non-Catholics may gather.

It is our hope that respectful dialogue and discussion will lead to better faith understandings. And so in charity, we ask that our forums not be used for encouraging mass visits to other websites. In the past these kinds of efforts, although perhaps well intentioned, leave participants at other websites with negative impressions.

Your cooperation in helping promote these aims of faith exposition, hope for fruitful discussion and charity in implementation are sincerely appreciated.

Your servant in Christ,
Michael Francis
Apologetics Forum


What’s your username on CARM? I would be interested in reading your comments about the apocrypha since Mannyfit75 and I had a discussion about the apocrypha here on CAF.


I’m surprised the Church of Christ people are able to survive on that forum. Last I checked, they were reviled almost as much as we were.



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