CARM - Why does Matt Slick follow a stick man argument approach against Roman Catholicsm?


Oddly enough Matt S. speaks against using stick man arguments in another essay… Haven’t got much time right now to discuss more so I leave with that link and I’ll be back to check on this thread soon…:cool:


People are people… The best way to attack someone is with half truths.

For most people, i would say that he may not be aware it is a falsehood, but in his case, he has been around enough to have at least heard the catholic arguments.

Sadly, he choses not to hear.

All you can do is pray for him.

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In Christ


That is the same with NCC here as well. They refuse to hear



Honestly guys–one could be said about the CC as well.:shrug:


The problem isn’t whether or not someone accepts what we say, the problem comes in when someone makes blatantly false statements.

If I said All, you have a third arm and use it to pick your friends nose, you would obviously be offended (or laugh) and correct the me.

However, if after you correcting me, i continue to say You have a third arm and pick your friends nose, thats is where it because wrong.

Matt insists we worship idols, and says things like ‘the CC teaches that Mary is more important than Jesus’

This has nothing to do with whether or not he ‘accepts’’ what we teach as truth, it has to do with baring false witness.

In Christ


I can’t speak for Matt Slick, but let me suggest a different alternative that I think occurs to many fundamentalist Protestants. It goes like this:

(1) Protestant alleges that Catholics worship Mary,

(2) Catholic says “no” and proceeds to explain the difference between latria, hyperdulia and dulia,

(3) Protestant understands Catholic’s explanation but finds it unconvincing. To Protestant, the Catholic distinctions between the concepts are distinctions with no difference, distinctions in name only,

(4) Protestant tells Catholic what he thinks,

(5) Catholic says “no” and reemphasizes difference in concepts,

(6) Protestant cannot understand how Catholic believes such stuff and concludes that Catholics actually do worship Mary and are engaged in either self-deception or duplicity when they insist otherwise.

Please note that in both instances the hypothetical Protestant and Catholic referenced above are acting in good faith and generally understand each other’s position. They just don’t buy each other’s position.

Please note further that I am NOT the hypothetical Protestant here. :smiley: I simply offer this as another (I believe) likely explanation for some of the differences between our faiths on this matter.


It is pretty simple, it is called “Supply and Demand”.
CARM is basically a place where Protestants can gather around as ONE…but that is for ONE reason only…condemning the Catholic Church. That is the only subject Protestants can agree on consistently.

CARM basically allows a protestant to believe anything as long as they are not Catholic, for example CARM has no problem calling a Protestant denomination who denies Eternal Security just as much a genuine Christian as a denomination who embraces it. Its “orthodox” standards are purely arbitrary and painted in such a way so that Catholics cant be considered Christian.

The second CARM is consistent in its definitions and characterizations it will be revealed that Catholics must be considered Christian and there would be no more supplying the anti-Catholic demand. In short the store would have to close its doors.


I like to think that rr’s explanation is a valid one. I don’t know whether it applies in this case or not, but I generally assume that everyone is acting in good faith. It is possible to hear and understand an argument, yet not accept it as convincing. Especially to people for whom a “simple” creed is important, subtle distinctions can be seen as duplicity, deception, or outright nonsense. Of course, a lot of this comes down to sometimes radically differing ideas of worship. I know at my wife’s old church, Sunday worship service was essentially singing, praying, and preaching. And if that’s your conception of offering worship, well, Catholics sing about Mary, preach about Mary, pray for her intercession, etc.

Much of this, of course, is dependent on preconceptions on both sides, but if we’re honest with ourselves, I think it’s a rare person who can look critically at both his own and an opposing position and say “Yes, I see what you’re saying, and where you’re coming from.”


Actually, that is not true. CARM attacks anything that is not CARM—or rather, anything that is not right-wing/Evangelical/Calvinist/Baptist/extremist/5 point/ . . . “Christian”.



While it is true there is significant anti-LDS traffic over there, I have pointed out many times that the Catholic section easily outdoes all other categories in terms of overall traffic.


There is significan anti-everything there. They have spedial boards dedicated to all the major religions, the main purpose of which is to attack their respective religions. There is also anti-everything literature there to your heart’s content.



Why do you give this yahoo any credence whatsoever? I never heard of him before now.



Lets keep it that way.


Long thread on CARM (now closed) is over here. Some fun stuff in there!!

I exchanged emails at CARM with someone who I am still not sure was Matt Slick or perhaps Matt Paulson.

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