Carmel, Cassino, and Assisi


Does anyone know of any active, and traditional religious Orders for men of those listed above ?

They need not be located in the US, but I am curious if there are perhaps some which allow
for home visits at most, once a year. I know that the Benedictine Monks of Norcia allow for
ten day home visits, and fit the bill in so far as everything else I am looking for in a religious
community (Both forms of the liturgy, traditional, but flexible, sound formation etc.), but to be
frank, I do not know whether Cassino is the right fit for me. People usually peg me as a
Carmelite, but given my desire to be somewhat active in the world, or at most have the occasional home visit, I do not see how that would be possible through Carmel.

Curiously, the Saints which have so aided me in my discernment, are St. Joseph (A most
patient, devoted, and faithful advocate.), St.Anthony of Padua, and St.John of the Cross. I
am not sure one what the relationship between the three necessarily is, but that is the point I
am at in my discernment currently.


Do these orders exist in the Syriac Church, as you state you intend to transfer there?:shrug:


I thought I had edited that out.

I dropped my intention to transfer jurisdictions. Likewise, Eastern, and Oriental Catholics are able to join Western religious Orders, and the opposite is in like manner true.


I get what your’e saying, just that if an Eastern joined a Western Order,(for want of better terminology), I’m assuming he’d cease to be Eastern and become Western, as it were, and vice versa.
I just though it was a bit incongruous to state a desire to ‘go Eastern’ and join a 'Western order at the same time. What changed your mind about switching, if you don’t mind my asking?


Just a small clarification here–were an Easterner to join an order that was predominantly Latin, this would not be sufficient to change the sui iuris Church to which he belonged. One must petition the Apostolic See, or else receive the permission of the Bishops of both the Eastern and Western jurisdiction who would have care of the person, that permission having been received the permission of the Apostolic See being presumed.

So far as I am aware, there is nothing preventing an Easterner from joining a Latin order or vice versa, even without a ritual transfer. I’d have to check though, or perhaps someone more knowledgeable of Canon Law could weigh in.



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