Carmelite Prayer contributed to the conversions of Scott Hahn, Grodi, Matatics,Wood


All of these protestants studied at Gordon-Conwell which was a former Catholic seminary/monastery before being bought by a protestant pastor. Do you know why a lot of its graduates became Catholic

The Secret of the Seminary

An occasional Protestant pastor has converted to the Catholic Church since the Reformation, but there are 150 of them in Marcus Grodi’s Network–fifty or more already received into the Church–and the list is growing. Why? Why now?

Without sounding super-spiritual, says Steve Wood, I think it’s a sovereign move of God. I think I can tell you why it happened at my seminary. Our seminary was bought by J. Howard Pew of Sun Oil, a very wealthy evangelical, and Billy Graham.

Now, when I walked into the diocese down here, the Bishop appointed a priest to work with my family on our way in. The first time I went to see him, I went by myself. In case I had to get out fast I didn’t want my wife and children to slow me down. I walked in very nervously to see this wonderful priest, Fr. Schevers. He asked, ‘Where did you do your theological studies?’

I said, ‘Oh, it’s a place you’d never have heard of, Gordon-Conwell.’ He looked at me and smiled.

‘I taught there,’ he said. ‘You see, it had been a Carmelite boys’ school with the purpose of producing vocations for the Church. They were praying and praying, but there weren’t vocations coming and in great agony they put the property up for sale. To add double insult to injury, here came Billy Graham and bought the campus.’

Now, I was not the warm ecumenical type when I was at seminary, and Scott Hahn was going around there telling people the Pope was the Antichrist. The Catholic Church was not [even] a latent desire for us. I’m convinced that for us it was the prayers of those Carmelites.*

It’s a good thing to be an apologist. But don’t forget the power of prayer. Only God can soften the heart of a protestant


A dear friend of mine for many years, who also happens to be a Protestant minister, is a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Seminary. We were just debating the Eucharist the other night. Please pray for his conversion.


I may be in error, but I think the Coming Home Network, after more than a dozen years, has seen 1,000 or more converts from various protestant ministries… anyone know the current numbers?


They were posted up on a wall at the National Catholic Family Convention in Anaheim at their booth. It was above 1000 but I am not sure all of them have converted, some are still on the journey. It was interesting to see how many different backgrounds were listed.

God Bless

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