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April 25, 2011 blog entry

He Is Risen

Alleluia! I wish there were some way that we could send some of the Easter joy that is vibrating through our community to you via the web. But where technology cannot go, the Mystical Body of Christ certainly can reach! So we are confident that God will answer our prayers and bless you and your families with joy beyond measure as we continue to celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection.

Easter really is special in Carmel. Our celebration centers around the Liturgy so we began with the Vigil on Saturday night. And if you know anything about Carmelite spirituality and our connection to St. Elijah and his connection to fire, you will not be surprised to hear that we did have a large fire outside the chapel as part of the celebration in lighting the Pascal candle.

As you might expect, if you have read previous posts or attended any of the Masses celebrated in our Chapel, the sanctuary was beautifully adorned with lilies and roses, white and gold fabric, with every single candle lit. The music was well prepared, and sung and played with great love and fervor. Can I say it yet again? It was GLORIOUS!!!

Having removed the Blessed Sacrament on Holy Thursday night, it was with a deep sense of gratitude that we again placed Jesus in the Tabernacle after the Consecration. He is risen, the tomb is empty, and now He remains with us forever!

Sunday we again celebrated a beautiful Mass, sang Lauds with all our hearts, and went to spread that jubilation throughout the neighborhood. Imagine if you will, 25-30 Carmelites walking through the residential areas of Alhambra and San Marino, all smiles, with an occasional verse of “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” bursting from their lips. Cars stopped, honked and waved. People came out of their houses to wish us a happy Easter. “He is risen!” was the cry that came from more than one passerby. The joy could not be contained anymore than death could contain our Savior. Alleluia!

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a rather animated game of musical chairs. (All the sisters emerged unscathed, but we cannot say as much for the chairs!) And as if that were not enough, one of the sisters brought out a huge bucket filled with what seemed like a million water balloons. Before Holy Hour, we made sure to break every single one. (Sister Julianna, I really am sorry about that last one. I’m usually not a very good throw!)

Again in the Chapel, Eucharistic adoration was such a grace filled time. In the silence, you could sense the peace in each soul. We had journeyed with Him through the desert, kept watch with Him through the night, followed Him in His Passion, and stood at the foot of His cross. Having kept vigil at His tomb we knelt in the heavenly rays of His Resurrection. Oh, I have to say it again, it was GLORIOUS!!!

We can’t text grace to you. Nor can we attach it to an e-mail. You might as well give up trying to download it from our website and it certainly doesn’t come from simple posts like this one. HOWEVER, none of us wants to keep these Easter joys and blessings to ourselves. And so we ask that God Our Lord will give you a share in the peace and new life He has so abundantly bestowed upon us here in Carmel. May you know that He is alive and present to you at every moment of the day. May He breathe His peace upon each of you.

Happy Easter!


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