I really wanna be a Carmelite, but my family thinks its a phase and aren’t very supportive. They don’t realize how scary it is for me too. I’m afraid to tell them I want to become a Carmelite. They think I’m just discerning, but I’m pretty sure our Lord wants me in the Carmel. On St. Therese’s feast day I asked her for a white rose if our lord wanted me in Carmel. She sent me one.

But I’m so afraid what people will think of me. The life is so difficult.

contact your nearest Carmelite monastery for advice on how to advance. Likewise discuss this with your priest and find a good spiritual advisor. don’t let fear of what others think bother or worry you. If this is what you are called to be and do then go for it and the rest will fall into place. When the angle approached Mary, she said yes and trusted that God would bring about the other around her (like Joseph) with the details.

Have you contacted a Carmelite community? One of the Sisters would probably be happy to offer her advice and companionship along your journey of discernment.

Don’t be anxious about what friends or family think. Entering religious life means that you will have to leave your family, in both big and little ways; this involves not being bound by their approval/disapproval (I’m assuming that you’re at least 18). You should always have love and respect for them, of course, but don’t be concerned about how they will judge you.

Don’t worry about the life being too difficult, either! The Lord gives both the desire, and the ability. You cannot do it in your own power, but if this is your calling, God will give you the grace to live this vocation.

Although I am not Catholic, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel holds a very special place in my heart.

Do not worry about what others may think of you.

I recently wrote a blog post about such an issue:

If you choose to read it, I hope it helps you. May you be blessed.

I too have been discerning a possible calling to the Carmelites, and I just wanted to reiterate what the others said. Speak to the sisters, and it will help. And always pray about it. Remember that we should pray always, and just try to trust that if this is truly your vocation, God will make the way apparent.

Praying for you! :gopray:

A priest told me this story about a peer in the seminary:

The seminarian couldn’t make up his mind, and it was getting close to the time to say vows (Congregation of the Mission). So the seminarian prayed to God, “God, if you want me to be a priest, have the priest distributing communion drop the host”.

What do you think happened?

Well of course, the priest did not drop the host, and the seminarian became a priest anyway.

The point of the story is, asking for signs isn’t exactly how God works (usually). He’s usually much more subtle.

Pray on it more, and see what God is *calling *you to; not so much on what you want to do. :thumbsup:

I should have added, that you would not be under any pressure to enter a particular community just because you received help from one of their Sisters. They might offer you a home with them if they believed that you had that vocation, since they already knew you a little bit; but whether you applied to their community or another, or to a different Order, or if you chose to remain a single layperson or to marry, they would be happy that you found your vocation, wherever it was. :slight_smile:

Im praying for your future and for your vocation.
God Bless you for your desire to become a holy person.
Trust in Jesus and let him guide you on your Journey of faith.

God Bless!

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