Carmelites: Dec 11th Feast of St. Maravillas of Jesus


Her day is actually a Memoria but to me it is a Feast as she is my favorite saint! A great bio book on her is called "Let Him Do It" - hard to find and pricey but keep looking and you can get it around $30-40. I, after praying to her, found my copy for $15! I've seen 2 books on Amazon recently for $89 and $120.

St. Maravillas of Jesus is the "second St. Teresa of Avila" as she founded new Carmels and reformed Carmels back to St. Teresa of Avila's Carmel. She lived in Spain - born 1891 - died 1974. She fought for and brought Carmel through Vatican II changes with the original St. Teresa of Avila's rule, constitutions, traditions of her desired Carmel - which became 1990 to us in the 80's from Pope JPII. She desired all the Carmels she founded and reformed to strictly adhere to St. Teresa's idea of what Carmel should be.

There are some pictures of her but his is my favorite:


She sounds like an awesome Saint!


Thank you for this post about St Maravillas; she is also one of my favourite saints. I have visited her tomb and a wonderful museum about her just outside Madrid. The book you mention is indeed excellent.

You may be interested in a blog post about her here:

It contains a link to a detailed account of the remarkable miracle that was used for her canonisation.


Just a note. This Saint is on the Disclaced Carmelite's calendar as a memorial. She is not on the Order of Carmel's calendar. We do share many saints but not all.

Also the rule is the Rule of St Albert. St Teresa of Avila did not write any rule though she did write a set of constitutions.


I have the book ‘Let Him Do It’-I don’t remember where I got it.

I have a picture of her with a prayer for her glorification which was sent me by a monastery of Carmelite nuns I was thinking of entering in my younger days. They sent it to me just after Mother Maravillas died.

And when she was canonized, the same nuns sent me a small third-class relic of her. When I was a member of the OCDS, I brought it to the meeting so the other members could see it.

In 1996, I visited Spain. I stayed in Madrid, and visited Avila and Segovia, among other places. On the Sunday I was there, I visited the Cathedral of Madrid, ‘Our Lady of the Almudena’, right across from the Royal Palace. I recall seeing a side chapel being prepared for Mother Maravillas; she was still a ‘Blessed’ at the time.


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