Carmelites vs Benedictines

So, i always thought Benedictines and Carmelites were basically the same, except one focused on work more and the other focused more on contemplation, so, im just curious, what is the main differences between Carmelites and Benedictines? I’ve been wondering this for awhile now, thanks

God bless you CAF

Hi there. I’m a Lay Carmelite who occasionally attends Mass and Oblate meetings at a local Benedictine monastery. Your observation is pretty close. There are also differences in the approach to prayer that complement each other beautifully. I have always found it difficult to compare the various spiritualities of the Catholic Church-Dominican, Franciscan, etc. Each is unique, like flowers. Like flowers, each is beautiful in itself and exudes its own fragrance. For example, you can’t really explain a rose, its fragrance, or how it differs from an orchid. Each must be experienced to be understood. Violets are different from carnations. Lilacs can’t really be compared to gardenias. Hope this helps.:smiley:

What a nonsensical title- whilst we as Catholics each have our own favoured Orders just as we do saints( I personally prefer Redemptorists and Franciscans to say Jesuits and Dominicans), to talk about “Carmelites vs Benedictines” strikes me as encouraging enmity between those Orders precisley when we can least afford fratricide!


PS although lukewarm towards the Society of Jesus, I have nonehteless found it in myself admire certain individual Jesuits such as St Peter Claver, Blessed Rupert Mayer, Blessed Miguel Pro and James Martin SJ( author of “My Life With The Saints”, Loyola Press, 2006)

You mean to tell me that if a Carmelite and a Benedictine agreed to a boxing match you wouldnt watch? :smiley: My money is on the Benedictine due to a better overall physical conditioning program (manual labor)!

Benedictines are monastics, while Carmelites are mendicants.

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