Carnage at migrant center in Libya highlights peril for those blocked from Europe

By Sudarsan Raghavan

July 5 at 4:04 PM

TRIPOLI, Libya — Thousands of African migrants who have endured deprivation and even torture in a bid to reach Europe are now facing even greater peril, trapped in the middle of the renewed warfare that has gripped this capital city for three months.

More than 10,000 migrants who have set out across the Mediterranean over the past year have been returned to Libyan detention centers after stringent European anti-migration policies took effect, aid officials say, while many others have been blocked from even setting sail.

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One would really have to dig into the news to see what happened at that migrant center…complex matter. I would think the recognized government, basically call the Government of National Accord did not do this nor other wrongs we are hearing about. The opposition actually, is made of some elements of the government as well, along with militias, even militias from Sudan and perhaps other countries. This is a real mess right now. What purpose does it have to carry out an airstrike against a migrant center?

I have not heard of wrongdoing by this GNA, Government of National Accord. This does not mean they have done none but I haven’t heard about it.

Check this out, CNN about the crisis in Honduras:

We are really being besieged with a migrant/refugee crisis and this is not even mentioning the many other places people are being persecuted, China in Xiangjiang province, Myanmar, Afghanistan and so on.

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