Carnal relation during the annulment process?


I am married and returning to the Catholic Church. I have been married before and I have petitioned for annulment of the first marriage. I understand that carnal relation between my current wife and I is a sin. However, I also feel I can not deny her. If and when the annulment is granted is the sin committed during the annulment process excused?


Dear Michaels,

What do you mean, you can’t deny her? In God’s sight you are not married to her. Do you actually prefer to deny God instead? This is what mortal sin is. Only repentance, absolution and a firm purpose of amendment removes sin. The granting of an annulment does not change history.

By reflecting on the passion of the Lord and all that He willingly endured in order to overcome the result of sin, we get some idea of what an evil turning away from God is. Such reflection is also the key to gaining the strength to choose Him above all else when we see on how He put nothing before our welfare. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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