Carnism: The Psychology of Eating Meat

Melanie Joy:

Wait, isn’t there a similar thread to this here in the Social Justice subforum already?

No, this is a different video – I thought people might be interested to see it.

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Why? It’s the name of the video talk.

Fair enough.

Respectful chicken slaughter.

“I have come to this process of killing animals with this sense of being almost a midwife? Or at least when I teach people about butchering chickens I want to emphasize It’s not about being brutal or macho, it’s really about ‘hey, you kill things and eat them.’ That’s part of how the world seems to work. I didn’t make up how the world works. It just seems to be what needs to happen whether it is a chicken or a carrot. It’s just a vertabrate bias that might make a chicken seem different than a carrot.”

No, there is a world of difference between a chicken and a carrot.

Spencelo I have to ask you, why do you think humans are going to stop killing and eating animals if we are still killing our own children? Your passion is misplaced in my opinion.

Yes - we agree at last! While carrots are nice in chicken soup they are not essential, whereas a chicken is essential.

BTW did you watch the vid?


Ditto. I find it tragically ironic that almost all of the vegans I know are pro choice. Cognitive dissonance much?

:yup: This is something that has bugged me for a long time. It is really inconsistant.

Abortion has no relevance to the thread topic. I hope interested readers will check out the video by Melanie Joy and let me know what they think.

Well it is: if you find no problem with killing the unborn, then why should we listen to views about animals?

Not to mention innocent carrots. :sad_yes:

Yes…and I think given the sheer volume of posts and topics coming from you lately that we can learn this from you. You and your topics have been treated with charity and kindness. I shudder to think how all these would have gone on Yahoo comments!

C’mon…open up, man! Either it’ll start a new thread or end with a few blurbs.

Yes, it is.

I have found the same thing.

The lady who produced the video claims that somehow eating meat is a psychological disease. “Carnism” is not in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association and would therefore be condemned as unprofessional and unscientific by the psych community as a whole. It’s just something she made up in order to promote her vegan prejudices in a deceptive way. I could put together a video condemning the “vegan disorder” with just as much authority as she has. I could show photos of children with various malnutrition disorders who never get to eat meat, and assert, as this woman does about meat, that “vegan disorder” is a “psychological condition” in which we have to “psychologically separate ourselves” from the consequences of massive, massive reductions in the protein content of human diets, and the ecological destruction that would occur as a result of people attempting, vainly, to produce veggies on the steppes where they can’t be successfully grown.

I would be more likely correct in my prediction of human disaster, but I would be no more correct in positing an invented “psychological disorder” as the cause than this woman is.

It may be noted in passing that virtually all primates are omnivores. Are baboons psychologically disordered too, then? Are chimpanzees? Have they fallen for a societal (their society) convention that has deranged their minds? Or are they doing something their bodies are adapted to for survival and is entirely natural for them?

It’s all well and good for some middle class person like this woman to go all maudlin over animals as if they were human beings, and expend the significant money it takes to indulge in a boutique diet that almost nobody else in the world can afford or even grow if they could afford it. For this woman to eradicate “carnism”, a great number of people in this world would have to die, because 1/3 of the temperate world is grassland that won’t raise any of her boutique preferences. In addition, since some croplands will only grow low-grade crops that are fit only for animal consumption, the die off would be greater still. It is only because of ruminants like cattle and sheep that those places are even habitable, let alone productive. The presenter essentially admits it when she says people “in many parts of the world” are not dependent on meat. She does not, of course, quantify how many people she is willing to see die in the “other parts of the world” and does not present photos of starving people that would be the consequence of adoption of her ideology.

This is a religion. Maybe her earth goddess doesn’t eat meat, but Jesus did, and I’ll stick with Him on this.

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