Carnival Day School Lunch - Yikes!

So, I was just up at school today doing the milk and snack duty for the kids. The lunch provider named the day Carnival Day and the lunch they provided was a doozy. The lunch consisted of a corndog, nachos with cheese, a soft pretzel with cheese and a funnel cake. At first glance, everything on the plate was rather pale, either yellow or golden brown and consisted of some combination of fat, sugar and/or salt.


With all those carbs that will go straight to sugar, I wonder how many of the kids will be fine and active for an hour and then want a nap?

Maybe there is a tie-in with Mardi Gras, but perhaps Fat Tuesday didn’t work for them, so they went with Tubby Monday instead?

Wonder what Michelle Obama would have to say with nary a bit of arugula (or any veggie) in sight?!


Seriously, they will all probably survive. Does your school provide a lunch menu schedule, if they do…then each parent has the responsibility of deciding if what is being served is OK for their kid, if not PACK A LUNCH.

Be thankful your school even provides lunch…my mom had to make my lunch everyday because I went to private school that had no kitchen, so no school provided lunches. Seriously 6 years of sandwiches, or things that can be transported in a Thermos gets boring really fast. (We did get Pizza fridays 2x a month, which were the highlights of the month).

Recently, I have been working with our local school district on several task forces, and I am really getting sick of how much time is wasted during school board meetings on School Lunches. There are so many more important things to worry about like curriculum and parental involvement.
My take is:
If you only want your kid eating organic, free range tofu…you need to pack your kids lunch, not expect the district to provide it to you at the cost you deem acceptable.
If your kids is allergic to everything imaginable, instead of expecting the school to bann all those things from the lunch menu and the campus you as a parent need to take responsibility and educate your child and their teacher on what is safe for your kids and you need to provide those meals for your kid.

OK I’m getting off my soap box now…:rolleyes:

I was going to put this under Water Cooler, but then saw Family Life and debated about putting it here instead. I probably should have gone with Water Cooler since I’m not taking this too seriously.

Oh, I am sure they will and the teachers and staff will too. At least I hope so, since one of my sons ate that lunch and I rather like him. :smiley:

I also like his teachers and the staff too.

My 13-year old buys his lunch 2-3 times a week and I didn’t know that was what was being served for lunch (just that I didn’t have to make him one today). That is his choice. It certainly isn’t what I would have eaten and it would have been nice had he chosen another day to buy, maybe one that they served a vegetabel :D, but he decided to go for the yellow and pale brown food instead.

I did pack a lunch for my 8-year old (and also my 15-year old, but she goes to a different school now).

Sing it, sister! I am thankful. Last year, the school was being renovated and we didn’t have lunches served, so I had to pack 15 lunches a week. I did get used to it and it became routine for both the kids and me, but at first it was rather a chore and the kids did get bored with a sandwich almost every day for the year.


I don’t expect anything from the school district, especially since my kids go to private schools. :slight_smile:

Again, I probably should have gone with Water Cooler since I’m not taking this too seriously.

This was a rare day. I know most lunches served are much better than that. It just struck me as funny and a little goofy that everything served really was carnival food and yellow and brown.

I’m sorry if I struck a nerve.

Since I’m not sure if there really IS corn in the corn dog batter, I think it would have been a good idea to make sure there were jalapenos on the nachos… just to make sure the kids got at least ONE serving of vegetables! :smiley:

and for the record, I felt a couple of pounds creep on while I was reading your initial post… urk!

You didn’t strike a nerve…the slew of parents screaming about Lunch programs did. :smiley:

I’m glad you aren’t taking it to seriously, a fun “carnival” themed lunch is fun occasionally, though I’m not at all surprised that your son wanted to buy lunch when there were serving funnel cake, I would too:D (Of course I’m in my thrid trimester…which is the sugar and carbs time for me).

Too many of the parents around here take it as Life or Death. Low Test Scores …No big deal…Non organic Pizza Day at school…grab the torches and pitchforks time to lynch the school board. I’m all for healthy lunches…but the constant complaining…It gets a little old.

I went to Luby’s a week ago last Friday…I got fried fish with french fries. And fried okra. I looked at the plate once I got to the table and got kinda sick…it was all beige, and all fried. I told my favorite waiter-guy, “Look at that yucky plate I made!” And he brought me some nice green broccoli!! :thumbsup:

This past Friday, I got fish again, baked this time and no fries - just broccoli (but yeah, I did have the fried okra cause I just love it). I’m getting the hang of it!

That meal sounds positively revolting, but the kids probably loved it!

ROFL. The free range tofu seriously made me laugh, my husband used to be vegetarian and I used to joke about ‘slaying a tofu-da-best’ in his honor.

In all sincerity, as long as they don’t eat like this every day, it is probably going to be fine.
At least they have to deal with the sugar crash and not you :slight_smile:

I always pack a lunch for my child. The school is responsible for providing a menu to the parents and the parent is responsible for deciding if they want their child eatting that meal. If you choose to allow your child to eat the meal because it is a “special day” with a “fun special menu” then you will pay the price when your child comes home with a tummy ache and hopefully follow up the poor lunch with a healthy dinner.

A cruddy meal is okay every once in a while. It is really only problematic when this becomes the normal lunch on a daily basis. Then it is up to the parents to petition the school for healthier options.

My motto is this - Not my child, not my child, not my child…when I see minor issues like this, I keep telling myself that “it is not my child”. You are only responsible for the healthy and well being of your child and you simply can not police what lunch other parents decide to purchase or pack for their child

LOL, I think that was my kids lunch menu today :smiley:

I usually pack them a lunch, sometimes (like today!) they buy.

The free breakfast at our public schools is pop tarts, thats what they give the kids 5 days a week :rolleyes: I honestly think they could try just a teensy bit harder. But even though some of the lunches are horrible, the kids always have the option of a salad, and there is usually a real vegetable of some kind.

I’m glad that our public school provides lunches to our parish school 3 days a week, because I don’t like running out late to pick up bread. Out of my 4 kids, 2 almost always pack a lunch, 1 almost always buys (he says the food is bad, but he doesn’t want to make his lunch), and 1 who does both. They all seem pretty healthy :wink:

It would be nice if they could try a little harder to make lunches more nutritious, it wouldn’t be that hard. But a lot of the kids just eat the junk and throw out the good stuff, and hungry kids aren’t learning anything.

I do feel sorry for the teachers with all those carb laden kids each afternoon.


Tell me! I too felt like I gained a few pounds just walking by the window where the trays were lined up and ready for the kiddos to pick them up.

Good, glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

My son was certainly not alone in buying that lunch. The line was huge and went around the cafeteria on each of the shifts. The kids were loving it! I saw some of the teachers also bought that lunch. I wonder how their afternoon went after the sugar rush and crash.:slight_smile:

I agree that the funnel cake would have been my first choice on the tray. :thumbsup: Several of the kids who came up to buy milk had the powdered sugar from it all over them (one girl actually with a powdered sugar beard on her chin was happily munching hers as she bought her milk and had a little trouble holding the funnel cake, her change purse and her carton of milk all at the same time, so I had to help her fish her money out for her milk) and I was wondering if the cake was as yummy as it looked. It looked very good. :smiley:

I too prefer a healthy lunch for my kids and try to get a fruit and veggie in along with the main event and also a little something sweet too, but if that doesn’t happen, it is not the end of the world.

BTW, congratulations on your baby! I hope you are feeling well and that you enjoy these last few weeks of anticipation before you welcome your new little one to the world!

Yep, that sounds pretty beige to me, so the broccoli was a nice addition! But, I too like fried food, though I can’t really eat much of it anymore without regret.

Balance is key.:thumbsup:

Oh, the kids did love it! (But, one little boy told me he had gotten a little sick but was feeling better.) :slight_smile:

I never understood how some kids always could buy their lunches. I grew up with my sainted mother packing me a lunch every day. When my children went to Catholic school, they were also packed a lunch. A sandwich, fruit and a couple of cookies. We let them buy the milk so they had something to drink.

Goodness I don’t know how families can afford to have their children buy lunch every day. Maybe I am too frugal, but my children never went hungry and they ate better food than what the cafeteria served! :rolleyes:

:slight_smile: Some of us ahem were on free lunch, lol. It’s offered to low income families in South Carolina.:thumbsup:

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