Carolus Rex

For all you metal heads on these boards.

Never heard of these guys before. Thank you.

I’d have to say it’s their best one yet. Have a favorite track?

I love these guys! Fangirl squee

Seriously, the song I love the most so far is “The Price of a Mile”

Oh, and have any of you guys ever heard of Blind Guardian?

OK, but do you have one for this album?

Well, I really like The Lion from the North ‘cause it’s about the life of Gustavus Adolphus and right now I’m currently listening to the 1632 series as an audiobook. The 1632 series is about a town called Grantville in west virginia that gets transplanted into germany durng the thirty years’ war. I really like the song because gustavus adolphus is a main character in that book that I’m reading. Gustavus Adolphus at one point tried to take over germany. I really like songs that have content similar to the books that I read, but I also REALLY like when the content of a song goes with a part of history that I’m interested in as well the books that I read too.

I think I prefer “Carolus Rex”. Color me biased, but Gustavus’ troops did make life miserable for Germany’s Catholics during the war. Though to be fair, the Thirty Years’ War was a miserable time for everyone.

Indeed. And not all of the members of the Count of Tilly’s army were catholic, just like not all of the member of Gustavus’s troops were protestant. Sometimes money spoke louder than faith, heh.

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