Carpenter who is too nice


Dear friends,

Please pray for J.C. He is a very skilled carpenter and makes things of beauty. He is a Christian, a good person, and one of the nicest people I have ever known. The problem is, for some reason he has always had, and has problems asking for what he is worth in payment. He knows what other carpenters are paid but he always winds up undercutting himself. Because of this he is constantly having money problems and going into debt. He has a son on the way, too.

Please pray for him.

Thank you all for all of your prayers. I really appreciate it very much.
Love in Christ


Praying for him and his family.


St. Joseph, you and your son were carpenters, J.C. is a carpenter in need of your help. Please guide his hand to be steady in his work and please guide him financially, most specifically that he charges a true value for the true value of his work. It seems as though perhaps his humility keeps him from charging a proper amount, and this is causing financial hardships. I also ask that you watch over his wife and his son on the way. Amen.





praying for JC and his family,may the holy SPIRIT guide him in his humility.In JESUS name I pray


Praying for him.




Will keep JC in daily prayer…St. Joseph Great Patron of The Church who earnt your way and that of Mary and Jesus through carpentry, please watch over him…


Praying for J.C.


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