Carrying your cross...

Hello. When we hear about “Carrying our cross courageously” does this mean major things in life eg illness, financial, unemployment etc or could it be little mundane things too?.

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Everyone has different crosses to carry. The big things are obvious crosses, but sometimes the mundane can be a cross. Anything that causes suffering can be considered a cross. Some are large, some small, some featherlight, some exceedingly heavy. I believe God knows what we can bear.

It’s not the size of the cross, it’s the love with which you carry it.


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Absolutely. Much of the time, we don’t have a major trial in our life, but we shall have headaches, stress, frustration with traffic jams, and so forth. It may seem like a small cross to bear, but it is a cross nonetheless, and a sacrifice to offer up. Look at our religious, who don’t often have to deal with the traumas and outrages that those in the secular world do, but consistently bear the cross often in the very mundane things you talk about, so much indeed that their entire lives are considered holocausts unto God.

If, for whatever reason, you’re drawn to carrying more of a cross, might I recommend the occasional pious recitation of and meditation upon the Stations of the Cross? It’s not just a Lenten devotion, but a means by which we, like Simon of Cyrene, can in our meditations accompany Christ on the way of the cross and be better disposed to utilize our common priesthood to offer with Christ’s sacrifice our sufferings on this earth, whether great or small.

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