Cars 2 - propaganda film?

Sadly I watched this with a seven year old only to learn at the end of the movie that it was a big oil company blowing up cars because even though big oil had created an alternate energy - allenol - for cars, it wanted it to fail.

It was a pretty violent movie to see all these cars blown up to begin but then to have Mater investigating and solving this plot was too much,

I am not sure the seven year old got it but I did and thought - Can’t Hollywood leave the little children minds out of politics???

Cars 2 was simply an all around inferior film compared to the standard set by its studio’s predecessors. Although I did not have the opinion that children would pick up on the political message – the story arc was too convoluted, too double-oh-seven-ish for them to see a clear political message.

Adults now might see it. But hopefully the message would be seen by adults as the caricature it was. For kids it was the cool action, the dumb Mater gags, and at the end simply that the good guy is really the bad guy.

But it is just my opinion, YMMV.

I am not sure about the cool action, there were alot of cars being blown up. Yet the seven year did understand that Mater was like a spy but he couldn’t understand who he was working for. There was not answered until the last 15 minutes or so and maybe because he is seven(inquisitive), he kept asking me questions of who this guy was and why did he blow up the cars. Kids like to understand their movies also.

I agree it basically went over his head but still Hollywood can do better then try to sneak some political message into a very well liked group of cars that has made a fortune in toy sales.

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