Carson for president backers report $4 million raised, campaign apparatus into place

Conservatives frustrated with the direction of the country think Dr. Ben Carson can change the course by winning the 2016 presidential race.

Now they just have to convince him.

The group,, a super PAC, has already raised $4 million toward a Carson bid for the Republican nomination and has collected 200,000 signatures for a petition to get him to join the race.

I love dr Carson and a surgeon is probably much better prepared to be president than a community organizer. That said, he is not going to be elected president. Unless you’re a general who won a war, America does not elect people who have never held elective office.


But…but…but…Republicans are racists!

Just watch…if Carson is actually a serious candidate and gets some traction, watch all of the left bring out the “Uncle Tom” comments, and say he’s just “acting white”.

Isn’t Dr. Carson a Seventh-Day Adventist? If so, how would that affect his presidency (especially regarding his treatment of Catholics) ?

Apparently the majority of Catholics don’t care how a president treats their beliefs (ref HHS Mandate).

Well maybe Americans should elect someone who has never held elective office. We can write names in. We need a dramatic change in Congress, with our Governors, Mayors…just in general. People seem to forget that it is supposed to be a government OF, FOR and BY the PEOPLE.

Not saying it would be easy, but so far I have heard of no one I would vote for in either party for the next election. Time for a protest vote.

The last time there was a ‘protest’ vote, 20% of the population voted for Perot. The result was the election of Bill Clinton.

I get your point, however, protest votes just mean you end up with someone you really don’t want.

Care to elaborate?

I’m unaware of any bad blood there.

If memory serves (correct me if I’m wrong, please), Seventh-Day Adventists believe that the number 666, from the Biblical book of Revelation, will be a Catholic-enforced global worship on Sunday; the Adventists believe that you must worship on Saturday (hence “seventh-day”) in order to be saved. In other words, they believe that the Catholic Church is conspiring against their salvation.

However, what shockerfan said is valid; perhaps an anti-Catholic pro-lifer is better than an anti-Catholic pro-deather. :frowning:

We need to be realistic though. No one in American history has been elected president without having held major elective office or been a celebrated general. We can dream about our ideal candidate and feel good about a protest vote, or we can deal with the reality we face. We need someone in the white house who believes in the constitution. I think Rand Paul or Paul Walker would be great choices. Or Bobby Jindal. Maybe not perfect choices, but then again, we’ll never have a perfect candidate.


One time it could mean a whole new party. It is worth the chance. I would think people would be fed up enough with both of the primary parties now. The country has done nothing but go downhill since the 1980’s…even the 70’s in my mind.

Cricket, I admire your thinking, however, over the years I have come to the unfortunate realization that 40% of the country will always vote Democrat and 40% will always vote Republican, meaning that there will not be 3rd party candidate ever win, at least in my lifetime. I try to work within that framework to get someone elected to I agree with more often than not. There is too much at stake to let the Dems win another term in the White House because of the Supreme Court Justices they will appoint (who will most definitely be pro-abortion rights)

It seems Dr. Carson is being revved up in part due to his statements per the healthcare bill.

If you look into Dr. Carson’s pro-life statements, I would say he is pro-life but I don’t know if he is super adamant on that issue.

That is a matter to investigate. I could by and large readily vote for him.

Discusses his views.

I don’t think Ben Carson has any chance to win the GOP nomination. Never having held elective office is a major negative. I wouldn’t give any credence to polls at this time - you just have to recall the GOP field in 2012 where it seemed like each candidate had their 15 minutes of fame before reality set in.

However, it doesn’t really matter who the GOP nominates, as their chances of winning in 2016 are very slim. In 2012 they lost the Hispanic vote, the women’s vote, and young people, and they aren’t likely to win those groups in 2016. Their only hope is for a weak Democratic candidate. I put the odds of the GOP winning the presidency in 2016 at 10%.

If the GOP elect a strong conservative like Cruz, it will be a slam dunk Republicans will win, they will take the Senate this year.

Who are the Democrats going to run? Hillary? You can see how haggard she is looking, core values the Republicans need to go with. Sure, states with a lot of people on welfare like California and New York may still vote democrat.

We see in North Carolina where the voter fraud numbers around 35,000; chances are that’s the only way the Democrats took the last election.

Cruz …… Carson…… It’s way to early for me to start laughing… Neither one of these guys stands a chance against HRC. And $4mil is a lot of money to waste. I don’t get it.


What do you mean didn’t get the women’s vote? Are you advocating the GOP support abortion?

As it stands, women have definitely not been aided by the Obama administration in the job market. Some figure came out that women suffer higher rates of unemployment than before.

I have heard the ads on the air, a crowd shouting “Run Ben Run” “Run Ben Run”. They are out there, I’m sure there is a website for that as well.

Women voted 55% to 44% for Obama over Romney in 2012. That’s what I mean.

That won’t change in 2016.

With more women getting food stamps than working, good luck with that logic.

With a failing health care program, the mess in Benghazi which well could implicate Hillary Clinton in wrongdoing, the Republicans stand a good chance.

If it happened in Wisconsin where Scott Walker rose to the Governorship, conservatism can win anywhere.

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