Carson staying in race, sees South Carolina victory


Carson staying in race, sees South Carolina victory

Washington (CNN)Ben Carson said Wednesday he will be staying in the Republican race, despite a poor showing in New Hampshire, and is hoping to win big in South Carolina.

“I’m not getting any pressure from our millions of supporters (to leave the race). I’m getting a lot of pressure to make sure I stay in the race,” Carson told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead.” “You know, they’re reminding me that I’m here because I responded to their imploring me to get involved. And I respect that and I’m not just going to walk away from the millions of people who are supporting me.”

Carson came in second-to-last place Tuesday night, beating only former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore. His decision to stick in the race comes even as two candidates who beat him there, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie, announced Wednesday they were ending their bids.

But Carson, who at one point attracted strong support from evangelical voters, said he expected to do well in South Carolina.

**“I think I can win South Carolina. We’re going to be putting a lot of time resources and effort here,” **Carson said.

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I totally respect what Dr. Carson says here and I hope is aspirations prove correct, though clearly most of us would doubt that he will finish well. Would that not be a big change? As said, I think Dr. Carson’s soft-spokenness and not being all about pizazz or some other quality hasn’t helped him.

Is he in the next debate? It sounded like “no”.


I’m curious if he dropped his campaign, who his supporters would go to.


For South Carolina:

Despite desperate efforts by mainstream GOP leaders to out-perform Trump, the latest polling averages reported by New York Daily News via RealClear Politics show Trump holding a commanding lead in the Republican race for South Carolina with 36 percent, while his nearest competitor Senator Ted Cruz holds only 19.7 percent of the support of the South Carolina Republicans.

These numbers come right after Trump won twice the number of New Hampshire voters of Ohio Governor John Kasich, who placed second. RealClearPolitics also showed Marco Rubio at 12.7 percent on average, Jeb Bush at 10 percent, and Ben Carson at 8.7 percent.



I have said this before: Trump will win the nomination if the field remains flushed with candidates, and all candidates think they should be the one to face Trump. In truth, Trump most likely wants the field to remain filled with candidates because he will keep winning. After a few more victories, there will be nothing anyone can do to stop him from winning the nomination.


Trump still has to get over 50% of the delegates to get the nomination.


And can he get that in a splintered field? Without a brokered convention?


That is the big question. I got this tidbit from Michael Medved, he’s had fairly good analysis on his radio show while many Conservatives would probably consider him a bit of a “right-of-center” type of Conservative.


If the GOP field remains flush with candidates, the math works in Trumps favor. Right now Trump is running at around 35% of the votes–that means 65% of the voters are not voting for Trump, which means there is a chance of someone else giving him a fight. However, if Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Kasich, and Bush, all split the 65%, then it is easy to see that Trump will rack up delegates even in places that he might not win if there were fewer candidates.

Personally, I don’t think Trump is likely to get much more than the 35-40% he already has and polls at. I suspect those people already supporting Trump are close to his peak vote percentages. If I am correct, that means a different candidate can rise above him, but not if he has to face three other candidates in a split the 65% scheme.

The field either narrows very soon, or Trump will be the nominee. I hope SC voters shines a bright light on which candidates should drop.


Kasich, Rubio, etc. could go into the convention with delegates and decide to coalesce behind one candidate in a brokered convention, that really doesn’t sound that bad.

Per this, that’s exactly what Marco Rubio is looking at:


Yes, but that can only work if there is no clear winner going into the convention. Rubio knows that is a last possible option. If Trump goes in with say, 53%, they will not be able to change that. Also, if between the candidates refusal to drop out, and the voters choices, we see Trump wins–then, so be it.

I am not one who thinks the will of the people should be usurped.


I think his lack of knowledge with international affairs has hurt him. Though I think he would’ve done much better had Trump not entered the race.


I agree.


Right. The longer more candidates remain in the running, the better it is for Trump.


As the other contenders are slogging it out and delivering body blows at each other, they become more tarnished, improving Trumps viability for capturing the loser’s flock of supporters. Thus I think Trump can gain further ground.


Perhaps, but I think those not supporting Trump are not going to support him easily. Few people outside of his own supporters see him as a good candidate.


If he keeps winning as big as he did in NH, it’s quite possible.


I like Ben Carson and find him truthful and trustworthy. I do not see him winning SC, though it’s possible. I like his dignity and humility, but that doesn’t serve one well in a political campaign, especially in SC where they like their politics more than a bit rough-and-tumble.

I believe no one will have enough votes when the RNC rolls around. That is, if all the viable candidates remain: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Carson.


On the surface Cruz would seem the likely beneficiary but now I don’t know after what went down in Iowa that night. Or many be Trump?


I have no idea who would benefit from Carson’s votes. Sometimes I think the Republicans are going to end up with a Bush-Kasich ticket opposing a Sanders-O’Malley ticket.

Bush can still come back, but he’ll have to do it soon. And Sanders needs to ride that NH momentum for all it’s worth. Clinton is not a shoe-in or shoo-in, or whatever it is! :shrug:


I believe Rubio has the best chance against Hillary–polls even reflect that. He is young, attractive, very sharp and fast mind, has a great knowledge of the issues, and he speaks fluent Spanish. He is the Democrats greatest nightmare and that is why they have joined Christie in attacking him regarding his mistakes at the previous debate. The media and the left know Hillary can beat Trump or Cruz.

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