Carson to skip debate with no 'path forward' in race


Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson will not participate in Thursday’s Republican debate in Detroit and says he sees no “political path forward” following disappointing Super Tuesday finishes, he said in a statement on Wednesday.

The news was first reported by The Washington Post.

However, The Post reports, the retired neurosurgeon will not suspend his bid — at least not yet. Instead, Carson said he will discuss his campaign’s future during a speech Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington.



I heard this, Carson is too soft spoken and at the same time, to be honest, he has not run a lot of ads for this campaign. The future? Maybe.

I have voted for him in a few online polls.

In case people did not know this, I think he did get 10% in Alaska, respectable.


He will probably suspend his campaign soon, his prospect for getting the nomination does not look good.


I’m puzzled as to why he hasn’t suspended his campaign yet.


It sounds like he is officially ending his campaign at CPAC:


Looks like he wants to make a speech first. I can see why he’d want a spotlight for a bit longer for that purpose. It looks like his speech will be about the future of the conservative movement.


Vice presidential pick? He would balance out Trump nicely.


I could see a Trump/Carson 2016 to balance out Trump, as stated. If Trump is elected and chooses Carson as his running mate, I could see Carson winning by himself in 2020 if they both do well.


Carson finished ahead of Kasich in 7/11 states yesterday

Yet Kasich is going to the debate and no signs of him suspending his campaign before March 15th?


Oh, please, no. The only way Dr. Carson balances out Mr. Trump is that Mr. Trump jokes about murdering someone and Dr. Carson actually tried.


And he’s not getting the press time to advocate for any specific issues, so what’s the point.

I really like the guy.


I like Carson too, but there is no way for him to get the nomination. I don’t see him agreeing to be VP for Trump.


That wasn’t nice at all!! God Bless, Memaw


It’s factually correct. I don’t think Dr. Carson has any business being President (or Vice President) because of his violent past.


CNN is reporting that he may run for the senate seat in Florida. He was offered help if he dropped out.


I like Dr. Carson. He rose up from his childhood. And if you think about it he ended up using knives for something good. I have nothing but respect for him. how easy it would have been for him to have taken the wrong path. he does not deserve to be mocked. he has brought honesty, integrity and dignity to the campaign.


I don’t see how it is mocking to point out that he tried to murder his friend over a radio station. It’s just a fact.


I heard though that he has previously said he was not interested in the Senate. That he was an executive. But if he changes direction, my hope is on whom I believe will be the Democratic nominee, US Congressman Patrick Murphy.


I think he has more than atoned by how he has led his life. He was able to overcome the tendency toward anger and that is quite an accomplishment in itself. I choose to let God judge the rest.


Really? That’s interesting.

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