Carter: Romney was moderate, SCOTUS decision ‘stupid’

This, from MSNBC (view the video at the link to the left):
Former President Jimmy Carter says President Obama will be re-elected, though he feels most “comfortable” with Mitt Romney of all the GOP candidates. He also expressed concern over the outside money coming into campaigns and called the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United “stupid.”


Answers to questions follows (transcript from the site – emphasis mine):

i would rather have a democrat. i would be comfortable. i think romney has shown in the past in previous years as a moderate, a progressive, that he was fairly competent as a governor and also running the olympics as you know, and a good solid family man and so forth. He has gone to the extreme right wing positions on maybe very important issues in order to get the nomination. what he will do in the general election and as president i think is difficult.

i think he has gone too far in the conservative positions to suit the average American and that’s why i think president obama will be re-elected in. no historical terms looking back all all the elections i am familiar both candidates tended to come to the middle as they get into the general elections . romney already has a reputation of being changeable in his positions. so i think that’s a stigma that he already has been able to weather and at least in the republican primary . if he moves back more to the central position on some major issues, i am not sure that he can suffer any more as being changeable. so i don’t know how to predict it. i is it i can to my prediction that president obama will win.

I’m sure Mr. Carter’s endorsement will be well received by Mr. Romney’s camp.

And that is a pity.

Wow - how did Jimmy Carter already see the November 6th results?

Wow. A complete failure remaking on the reelection campaign of a complete failure. We should hang on his every word… :rolleyes:

Well, if there is anyone out there who is familiar with “stupid”…

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