Carthusian rite ( revised in 1981 )


Hi guys, i dont know what to do … :(.

Few months back i started my vocation process to become carthusian monk ( brother )

I was in one of the carthusian monastery in Europe.

Iam so sad because of mass ( to be clear, iam not against of any prooved catholic rite )

Carthusians receive communion while standing. I think this just ruined my vocation.

What do you think , should i find another monastery or shoul i continue with carthusians.

At the moment i feel so lost because of IT.


Your whole vocation is hinging on this one little thing? Must not be a very strong vocation…

Also, if it’s so important to you then why did you not research it ahead of time so you would have known about it?


Here’s a question. If your superior, regardless of the Order, told you, “Brother ____, please stand while you receive communion”, what do you think is more important? Your posture, or obedience? Could you stand, despite not liking it?


Obedience. But isnt the proper way to receive communion while kneeling ?


The Church permits people to receive standing.
The Church and the Pope would not permit it if it was incorrect.


Its my Bad i did not look :frowning:


Either posture is permitted, though every Catholic has the right to receive while kneeling. However, if you’re dealing with the Carthusian rite, then it’s whatever the Carthusian rite prescribes. And like you said, obedience is what’s important. If your Superior says to kneel, you kneel. Stand, you stand. Trust him.


You should spend some time seriously reflecting on what this episode tells you about whether you have a vocation, and if so, whether it is with the Carthusians.
For your vocation to be “ruined” by this Order doing something that is approved by the Church is very concerning.


@curioushumanbeing , I find it most odd that your vocation should be ruined over that .


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