Carthusian vs. Camaldolese

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I’m going to try to not drag on too long, but I am currently having an issue in my religious discernment. I have been called to the monastic life since a very young age and in the past I felt very much called to the Cistercian/Trappist order. However, over the past year or so I feel a more profound calling to the more eremitical life. My vocations director has tried to help me discern, but I am still very tied due to the fact that I can not find much information online or otherwise as to how the Carthusians and Camaldolese differ.

If anyone can help me understand the real differences between these orders, I would be eternally grateful. In all honesty, I am leaning Carthusian and my patron saint was Saint Bruno of Cologne, but I am very curious about the Camaldolese.

Thank you all!

I can’t say anything specific about the orders but could you visit a monastary of each for some time to learn more?

You beat me to it, as that was my thought also.

And if one or the other attracts, perhaps visiting one or two of the order might be worthwhile.

Camaldolese have two branches – Monte Corona and the original observance. Monte Corona is strictly Eremitical. The original observance has both the monastery/cenobium and the Laura. Monte Corona is represented by a community in Ohio. The original observance has a community in Big Sur, California. The Camaldolese are Benedictine.

The Carthusians have their own rule, and consider themselves a community with a vocation to solitude. They have a Charterhouse in Vermont.

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