I have recently been deeply interested in the Carthusian Order. Has anyone else? What information can you tell me? Also, any ideas or comments about the Charterhouse of The Transfiguration?(i.e. visits, opinions, etc). Thanks!:highprayer:


I love them.

Check out the videos

Scroll down to Carthusians



No doubt you have seen the movie, Into Great Silence

You might be interested in some photos and descriptions of St. Hugh’s Charterhouse in Parkminister, England. They were provided by Fr Tim Finigan, a diocesan priest of traditionalist bent, who lectures in dogmatic theology there.

Here is his **Tour of a Carthusian cell **

He has many more articles about and photos of St Hugh’s Charterhouse. Just search his blog for Parkminster.


This group is for Carthusian enthusiasts:

The Monastic Family of Bethlehem and the Assumption of the Virgin of St Bruno are Carthusian as well.



I live near Carthusian monastery. I can listen their singin. I often meet them on a walk. They are very friendly and kind. So do I like them and I think that I would entered in their order.

"I hope that I didn`t write wrong. I am from EU and I am learning English" :)


Your English is just fine, fratello! Welcome to CAF :slight_smile:


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