Cartoon Cardinal with Biretta


Does anyone know of a cartoon image of a cardinal (bird) wearing a cardinal’s (clergy) biretta? It would look similar to @thecardinalbird’s profile. I’d like to perhaps use it on a t-shirt


Not quite right but :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Of course, this cartoon is copyright protected.

OP, use original art or have an artist friend do it for you.


I think I would be protected under fair use… I won’t be profiting from this use


Drop a facebook message to the owner asking for permission to reprint. Kindness goes a long way.


I’m not even going to use this specific image, most likely…


That would look adorable :smile: shall I stand on a twig while someone draws me?


Could I use your profile pic, TCB?


I’d say yes, but the image of the actual bird is not mine and the biretta I put on the birdy’s head, I used an image on the Internet as template. So the image I used was this:


I changed it to this:


If you want, I could draw something up for you (as a last resort of course)


Do you know anyone with photo editing software? Should be fairly easy to turn that into a vector image.


I took a Photoshop and Computer Graphics course this year- I guess my skills will finally come in handy haha


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