Just curious,
Is anyone familiar with Bob Sungenis’ new CASB?
Basically an updated Dhouey Rheims bible with
extensive commentary.
I was wondering if there were any reviews out there, or
if anyone here was familiar with it.

I’ve been acquiring, little by little the Navare bible/commentaries
and I love them, but this new one from CAI looks intriguing.
Thanks (in advance)



You are going to find that opinions of Sungenis is probably going to be like black or white. Either they love him or dislike him. Here are some other threads on Sungenis:
Robert Sungenis
Sungenis Apologetics
I tend towards the latter since he is falling more and more in with the Radical Traditionalists. As of right now, I cannot trust anything he writes. This may change in the future.

BTW, I believe there is definitely a rift between Sungenis and Catholic Answers. I know Karl has written about him in a couple of his eLetters.



I can’t speak for the CASB, but my opinion of Robert Sungenis and his organization has been declining steadily for the last week or two. On July 10 I sent his organization an e-mail about their “Geocentricism Challenge” and haven’t heard a peep out of them. At the very least a “We have received your communication” would be nice.

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I’m well aware of some of the shortcomings of some of the ground that Sungenis treads on. I think Karl Keating aptly, and charitably described some of his views as ‘quixotic’. However his earlier apologetic efforts in regards to the Eucharist and Sola Scriptura, and Sola Fide, as far as I know, still merit high opinion among most. So I’m looking for opinions about this specific work, and not Bob Sungenis himself. It would have to be possible to do this objectively and not discount this work as a result of his “traditionalism” or geo-centric, or other views that might not be germain to this work. On the other hand though, I recognize that these views may very well affect his commentary, so hence I’m hoping for some other opinions or links to objective reviews, if any.



While some people write off Sungenis because of his Traditionalism, his work in the area of Catholic apologetics is still fantastic and should be criticized based on its own merit not on whether he has a traditionalist take on the condition of the church today. That’s simply shoddy reasoning.

Anyway, I have this first CASB along with his “Not by…” books. I believe the CASB is a very helpful resource and have learned a great deal from it. There are several textual notes which explain various points from the Greek and Latin, and most of his twenty three (I think that’s the number) “Apologetics Commentaries” are interesting. I especially liked what he wrote on Jesus’ three days and three nights in the earth, the “Brothers and Sisters” of Jesus, the prohibition of divorce and remarriage, and the atonement.

One thing I would say is don’t expect anything new on some topics. For example, if you’ve read Not by Bread Alone, you won’t hear any new arguments in his section on Matthew 26:26. This still leaves about 18 sections of apologetic commentary full of new explosive material. Another thing is that he doesn’t always give you the FULL story on SOME of his Greek arguments. He’ll make it out as if the Catholic position was plain, simple, and obvious and anyone who would just take a loook at the Greek text would know this, but that’s not always the case. So you may wish to take some of what he says with a small grain of salt there. Finally, there are many who would disagree with what he writes in his apologetic commentary on Matthew 1:1. He says that Matthew was probably written in Greek first not Aramaic/Hebrew as many Catholics believe. His argumentation is compelling though not definitive. He also left out some pretty good arguments I’ve heard from Protestant sources that would have bolstered his case. I suppose they went beyond the scope of the book (i.e. pretty in depth).

Anyway, that’s my evaluation of the book. If I had to rate it on a five star scale (like Amazon) I would give it a four. I think there’s some room for improvement, but I think it is definitely worth the price and will be on the look out for his new volume. Hope this was useful.

God Bless

Thanks Harold,
yes it was very helpful.


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