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What are some good arguments for the proving Jesus Christ as God. I know Legend, Lord, Lunatic, Liar, but it doesn’t seem to work well in debates.


I haven’t ever needed to use any arguments before, but I know that all of those seem to be pretty definitive. I’d reccomend Peter Kreeft’s Handbook on Christian Apologetics. There’s a great section in there about Christ’s divinity. It also has another proof for why Christ was not a guru, or expert in eastern religions. That one seems to be pretty self explanatory, but it seems pretty good.


I agree there. Kreeft is pretty awesome, what I’ve read of him (the first half of Fundamentals of the Faith: Essays in Christian Apologetics.)



Often times… the best answer is the Man Himself.

He is impressively charismatic, compelling…

But the divinity of Christ is more of an issue of Christian theology. It requires a belief in some sort of divine revelation. Stil, I would point them to ChristHimself… it sounds useless, butmost atheists who convert to Christianity, or Christians who leave to atheism, say Christ that continues to draw them.


Well, I always say that 11 of the 12 Apostles (After Judas) and countless others 1st century disciples chose death rather than deny the Resurrection and other miracles of Christ. Why would those men, St. Paul included, die for a lie? If they only meant to invent a power structure they could profit from, why die for it. What earthly profit is their in death, especially death for a lie? They claimed to be witnesses of His earthly life and ministry, and they died holding fast to that belief. I always thought that that was good proof.

Additionally, I would argue that the Resurrection is a true event. At the time of the Roman occupation of Israel, it was a capital crime for a soldier to leave his post or fall asleep at his post. After Christ died on the cross, Pilate assigned a centurion (commanding 100 troops) to guard the tomb so that His body would not be stolen. That amounted to 100 or so soldiers guarding the tomb. Would Christ’s body have been merely stolen? Wouldn’t that require each of the 100 or so soldiers to fall asleep or abdicate their post and in so doing risk severe reprimand or even death?

I hope this helps.


As KBarn mentioned, the resurrection is pretty compelling.

Unless I think the Bible is a hoax, in which case the entire argument is probably meaningless, then anybody who can raise himself and others from the dead is close enough to God in my book that I want Him as a friend.


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