Case for Sandri as Pope is easy to make [CNAU]

Feb 21, '13 6:00 am
If the process of picking a pope were like a hiring process in any other walk of life, Cardinal Leonardo Sandri’s résumé would probably be a slam-dunk at least to get him past the initial screening and earn him an interview, writes John SAllen in NCR Online.


Argentine by birth, spent much time in Italy. Okay, good combination.

Sounds logical. However, the Italians have been excluded for decades and their Cardinals may have something to say about who is elected to be the next Pope. What the Church really needs is a truly dynamic, charismatic leader. It’s time for an energetic dynamo - just one opinion.

Excluded for decades, though, means just 2 Popes.

I don’t know much about this Cardinal…but I do relate to him being the son of Italian immigrants. I can imagine how proud his parents would be if they were still living. I wonder what part of Italy they were from?

Let’s not forget, he is an Argentine.

But it isn’t.

Yes, but the son of Italian immigrants. :smiley: (I’m Italian American)

A large percentage of Argentines are of Italian descent actually. Many of the emigrants from my father’s Sicilian village went to Argentina.

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